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  • You should probably just delete it again. I didn't post it here, other people have been doing that. I'm sorry if you find it offensive.
    We encourage readers to join VFTT. They are great subforums but our goal is to do what is best for members IMO the topic belongs in paddling.
    Would you consider moving the Shingle Shanty Brook Update thread back to Q&A New York? When I suggested the move to Paddle Park, I never considered all the paddlers who read VFTT but are not members, and are therefore not allowed access to that forum. There is considerable interest growing on the subject. By the way, couldn't VFTT just make the special forums viewable to all? Thanks. - Bob
    You are correct. Better to send me a PM though as I see those immediately and I only head in here sporadically.
    Thanks for the green! Still not sure if I will make Magic, we get home from 5 days in Baxter that wednesday, and that thursday I undergo a small in office procedure at my Dr's -- so I am not sure with all that going on that I will want to be far from home that weekend, BUT! You will see us at Pat and Audrey's -- glad you can make it!
    Hi Alan, did Sonny M. ever "follow through" with his wanting to get back on VFTT?

    Also, regarding Vose Spur, that might be a good one for us to do together. Since you're not concerned getting it in winter, wait until the Sawyer River Rd. is open for driving to the trailhead. Also .... let's avoid the bug season.

    Maybe next Spring? Haven't been there yet. Would really like to get down to business next year on the remaining 25 or so remaining NEHHs.
    Alan, I saw your post on Vose Spur: "Sabrina and Wowser, want some company?Peakbagr". Have you done this peak? It's been one of my favorite all time whacks. It's steep whichever way you go, but I know the "route of least resistance". Dennis
    I hope you and your family are well. I haven’t hiked since June, but hope to get back on the trail in December. I’ve been reading “54” a little bit at a time. With a recent thread about Theodore Roosevelt on one of the forums, I thought I would ask you about a segment in your “TR” chapter. I’m probably more than a year late with this, but where in the world did you guys get the facts regarding Roosevelt’s late night ride to North Creek, and Stagecoach Rock? Most of the info about TR in that chapter’s introduction is completely false! :eek:

    I just happened to come across this PDF (see link) that has the most detailed description I’ve ever read about that night in September 1901. I’m sure that you’ll correct that erroneous information on any subsequent printings, and please forgive my Virgo perfectionism:o , but I also noticed several instances of “to” where “too” is called for, and a few “there” instead of “they’re”. Simple grammatical errors can affect your reader’s enjoyment and cause doubt as to other stated facts. I have one more question (and no criticism) regarding Avalanche Mountain. I recall reading a trip report about that hike that mentioned cliffs along the way, but your description of the BW does not. Does your route bypass the cliff section?

    That’s all I have - thanks for writing a very useful guide book, even though I doubt I’ll be able to hit all 100. - Bob Van Hise

    Roosevelt’s ride to North Creek
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