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  • There was a surprising amount of pretty good skiing out at Greens this winter. It snowed up there several times when it was raining at my house just a five miles away and a few hundred feet lower elevation. They did a great grooming job, too - making the most out of what they had. Hope to see you out there some time next winter.
    Thanks for your message about skijoring. The dogs and I are newbies at it. I have appreciated having advice from a local skijorer who is a serious racer. However she has been extremely busy this winter and last, with the result being that we have never skijored with anyone else before. My dogs think that this is something I have devised just to keep them from running free like the other dogs get to. It would be great to connect with other skijorers. It sounds like you are familiar with the Lyme/Dorchester area. I've skied out by Cummins Pond most of my life; and love what Bob Green has done out there. Are you located anywhere nearby?
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