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  • Would give you a greenie if I could! Have hiked once with a world reknown big wall climber/author and he was about as modest as they get and I was happy to be on the trail with him chatting as we hiked off the presis. One of his books is now signed with a nice personal note and I won't forget how fine a day it was to meet him! Would be happy to share a trail with you sometime as well!
    Hi there, it was lovely meeting you today on the Tripyramids. I'm so sorry my dog was such a spaz...he hasn't acted like that for months, I thought he'd mellowed out a bit. Anyway, wish we could have spoken longer. It was nice to see that note on my car. :) Hope to run into you again sometime, Trish (and Alex and Sage).
    Thank you! :) Anne said that the wind wasn't as bad on Abraham as it was on Sugarloaf. But she did say that the rocks on the slide combined with the light coating of snow made form treacherous footing. OK, I'll 'fess up. We were in a Prius, which is lower than many cars, but still ... that road is a menace!
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