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  • After many many months, I finally got tired of looking at myself :D so I took it down. I just haven't gotten around to putting up a new one. Maybe I'll put one up based on Neil's latest spider post. :D
    Nope. I have Boy Scout stuff both days. Map & Compass in Webster Park Saturday & OMG, a 20 mile hike Sunday. That's going to be a challange. Thank god it's local and I can bail out if I need to. I'll catch up to you(s) and the strap sometime. Winters coming.
    Cool! I was hoping we would connect. I'm busy with scouts and haven't been hiking outside of scouts much but I will eventuall so stay tuned. Tell Joanne he other Dick says hello! :D
    Fall's been nice, and I am finally back hiking more or less regularly again.
    Thanks for the friends invite Dick! I hope your having a great Fall and you get back out on the trail soon!

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