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  • Thanks Skiguy for the postive comments regarding my blog report of the trek made to Stanton/Pickering on a gorgeous day in the MWV area!:)
    Good to hear from you! It's been 5 years since our last hike, so maybe we'll meet up on the ski slopes instead. I see Cranmore opened today. Glad you liked my Grand Canyon photos - it truly is awesome.
    Thanks for the green. Obviously someone stole Rooney's sense of humor....that or he never had one to begin with (frankly I am thinking it more the latter.) :D
    "Kool avatar change...Long live the Dead!"

    Well I did see over 100 of their concerts. I also only wear Garcia or Grateful dead ties at work!
    Thanks for the greenie. Not a fan of postholes myself, but I'm even less a fan of people trying to tell all winter hikers what they should and should not do when it comes to wearing snowshoes.
    I didn't end up going today but my friend Lynn who lives in Adams had this to report:

    Phil: Caveat: Started at top of Big Schuss due to complete saturation of clothes from wet snow and perspiration. Didn’t bring a puffy and was frozen. Also tired from breaking trail with snowshoes. Knee deep but Josh said the Big Bend is wind scoured and Rich reported that the summit had high winds. Too bad the race wasn’t this weekend. Take care. Lynn
    The Thunderbolt is getting hammered! Heavy and wet down low it might be pretty nice up high. Don't know for sure. Might try and get over there later today.
    Not too good right now. There is hope for snow accumulations in the next 48 hrs. Check back. But here is what I recently received vis a vis the race planned for the 20th:

    Hello racers,

    We met last night and had some deep discussions ... With that said, there is a good chance that the trail WILL NOT be skiable as a continuous run on race day. Storms pop up out of nowhere. So, anything is possible. But we are now making plans in the event that we get no new snow.

    ...As of last night we are preparing for a partial ski race. Trail conditions are so bad that the race will be fundamentally different than anything we have been preparing for. In the event that we have no new snow, we will most likely have a partial run from the bridge down to the finish. As you know, this is not much of a run...


    INDEED. Think, no, PRAY snow !
    "Leany": I'm a very serious technocrat; only the correct wordology will do! Thanks and happy new year, --Mike.
    I guess I could be a considered an "old" yuppie to because I was a professional who made a 6 digit salary prior to my leaving my position after the "accident".
    I guess I could call myself the "old yuppie" from the other side of the tracks who is not on the same page. I don't read that book, never have, never will.
    Hey Skiguy...it may have gone deeper but I feel the same. It was a personal opinion based on my observations, experience, and input received from other hikers. Strangely enough recently some friends that I "dog hike" with locally mentioned they had stopped at the HC and felt the place was "cold". They are both what one might refer to as older "yuppies". He's a lawyer and she is an OT. I told them next time check to pay a visit to the PNVC. Think they would feel more comfortable there. I just can't "warm up" to that place but for some it does serve it's purpose.
    Thanks for the "greenie" and I hope you have a great holiday. Lots of good skiing coming up.
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