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  • well im bumbed im not going this yr to but want to do this and get to my high peaks this summer..hope you can join in on a few:) peace
    Thanks for the invite Rob. I would love to, but the 46'R dinner is that weekend and I promised some friends I would attend and get my certificate. :) We will be in the Daks hiking that weekend and attending the dinner. I hope you have a great time and let me know what you think about it. We are planning to hike it in mid to late Sept.
    yes i agree...ill see if robert wants to bump it up some, he likes to start early. we will have a 3.hr drive in the am before we get there also..hows 630, if not we will start andim sure you can catch us after we break trail :)
    only me and one buddy, adirobdack46r so far ..yes we are meeting at the rt 73 TH going via washbowl way.. i think 5:30am saturday, the other robert likes an early start!!:)
    Rob, is that Saturday?? If so, count me in. I want to go to RPR first as that is the one I need, Giant is a bonus if conditions are good. What time and what trailhead, Rt 73??? Anyone else hiking it?? Thanks for the invite. :)

    Oh yes, I remember now, thanks for the reminder.

    Best of luck this weekend! I hope you have a great time!
    Hey Tyler, You did and I am going to be in the Cats that weekend, Edelweiss is planning to finish the CHH that weekend. As you know, plans change, so keep me in the loop and if I can make it I will. Thanks for the invite. :)

    Happy trails - Cindy
    Hello Cindy. I don't recall if I told you this yet (I told Cory D, I know), but I'm planning on hiking Allen on Feb 21st, if you're interested. In our party so far is me, my dad, my best friend, TurkeyBob (from ADKHP), and his friend. Exact details will be up in the air until a day or two before, but I just thought I'd throw that out there. Have a great night!
    Way to go!! I love winter hiking, there is nothing better. I'm headed up the Daks Jan 22-25, watch for my post over on adkhighpeaks. I will be looking for hiking partners. Hope you enjoy your first winter trip!!

    well i said i didnt winter hike..and I didnt..well i sold the sled now doing the first winter sat. with adam and few other gentleman...maybe after this I'll let ya know if Im up for another...ttyl cindy
    Ok, great! Thanks for letting me know. I will keep my eyes open for all the posts. I, too, can't wait to get out there! I keep looking at peoples trip reports and they create longing in my heart, haha. And just so you know, you can call me Tyler :D

    Have a great day!


    P.S. Thanks for adding me as a friend.
    Hey ADK88, great, the more the merrier, especially if there is a lot of snow. Watch adkhighpeaks for new threads from me. I will start a new thread as each trip date approaches. The current thread is pretty convoluted. :) Everyone is so anxious to get out there bagging winter peaks. :) I think Bill, Judy and I are going for Basin next Sunday, watch for a post from billandjudy.
    Hello there! I'm hoping to be joining in with the ADKHP group bagging some peaks in Feb. By the amount of people over on your Winter Plans thread, looks like it will be a party wherever we go :)
    I had one for a while, then decided to change it and went blank for a few days while looking for something good to change it to. :) That is me backpacking on the John Muir Trail this summer, spectacular!!!! Wild flowers abound, crystal clear lakes and streams, snow capped majestic mountains, and blue bird skies. It doesn't get much sweeter than that.
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