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  • Film vs. Digital is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye IMO when capturing bare body parts. Was hoping the Ranger's felt that way if they were going to charge us $150 for doing so. Thanks gor the Greenie!
    Hola Estephan, I thought I was hallucinating when seeing 4 gringos on the boundary swath wearing sombreros. You guys cracked me up. Thanks for the greenie -Trevor
    Unlike the plethora of Bob's and the smattering of Amy's you are the only Steve I know of. Kind of odd if you think about considering how common the name Steve is. ;)
    Ha ha, thanks for the greenie. This time I actually appreciated the correction...I really thought that was Champney Falls!
    Steve -- thanks for the greenie. For a few years I used to make that trek several times a year, from near Albany back to the area around Hanover/Lyme, NH and it always became a fine balance between finding a route that was interesting but didn't take too long. Sometimes "interesting" won out over time and I got to know some neat roads/towns/state parks/scenic vistas/etc. Other times, I was dying to be back home after having spent a week away on business. Ahhhh...memories.
    Thanks, but all I've got on this one is deduction; I've never seen the evidence. You did, however, get me immediately to begin humming the Marine Corps hymn, right up to that fateful word! See you out there (somewhere), --Mike.
    thanks for the greenie. I'm sipping a Sugar Maple right now. Glad you made the trip, even on shortened sleep
    Thanks for the heads up on Goodrich Rock ladder. I live in Waterville Valley and will get that info to the appropriate folks.
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