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Tom Rankin
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  • Hey, Tom, you and Laurie should starting hitting the VT 3k peaks with me.
    You've been up just about everything else.
    Already hatching plans for the next ones.
    No kitties for us this weekend -- I'm really sick and haven't been able to take any time off from work to recover...bleh...maybe mid december?
    I hope to! We both just started getting sick, though, so we'll have to see how things play out this week! :-(
    This Sunday? Hmmm....I have to inform my fellow choristers that I cannot make it to church this Sunday then. Is 11/2 the for sure real date? If so, meeting at the Slide PA? What time?
    Hey if you guys are hiking in the Cats that weekend, you may be interested in some very tentative planning we are doing -- might be Spruce and Fir or some others, geez..I forgot already and need to check my email -- but I'm trying to knock off some of my needed Cats that weekend -- don't need C W S.
    OKAY Tom! I'll remind you about 11/8 Slide/Witt/Cornell. We can use my car to spot if need be, okay? Or, is it a loop? TTYL
    Uh..no..I didn't..gotta read some maps! I backpacked a loop over Burnt Knob, Acra Point and the Blackhead Range...come to think of it, I knew Windham was one peak over and I *didn't* see a ski area! Doh!
    Sure Kim, we'll let you know when it happens!
    Hmm...would be nice to combine it with a ski trip!
    Criminy..its good to be in the Club but now there's all that pesky paperwork to fill out!!!
    Heh heh, since I have pretty much only bushwacks plus Windham left, I guess winter would be the better time to work on the Catskills!!

    Hmmm...where should I finish the 3500rs?

    Sugarloaf is my favorite, have been there prolly 50 times!
    Thanks! Once I get these silly lists behind me I hope to finish the CAT3500...:)
    The Catsills are a fun place to play in winter.:D
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