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Tom Rankin
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  • FYI, a new microbrewery opened up in Cape May called the Cape MAy Brewery. No pub associated with it. Right now you can sample and get growlers. Only opened on Saturdays right now although their brw is on tap in several local bars. So if you want to add onto your NJ Views and Brews.... I'll let you know when I get a chance to sample, maybe next weeken
    I have given out only three red squares in all the years on here. The last one was for another useless anti-hunting rant (which the guy actually eventually deleted), and the FIRST one I ever gave was for an anti-hunting rant. There is always one of them on here prattling away...... :)
    Cool...you got to see the asteroid? I totally forgot...am still recouping from paddle trip in the Adirondacks.
    I still don't get "Don't" - need more coffee. Warned me about what? Yeah, we've got some big hike plans for the next few months.
    Heh-heh! Excel lets you put ranges of sheets in formulas. Numbers, since you have have multiple worksheets per page, has no defined order to the sheets, so you have to list them all individually.
    Thanks Tom! I don't know if you recall, but we've actually met twice on the trails. Both times last winter, once you were coming down off Jackson and I was coming up alone, once on Pierce I believe around the intersection with the Mitzpah Cut-off and I was with a group of friends. :)
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