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Tom Rankin
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  • Thanks for the greenie. I don't want to be greedy, taking up too much space on the Wildflower thread; but I have been kind of bit by the wildflower bug this spring.
    ha ha ha..funny you should mention that...when we did the one day devil's path, at the end i handed out devil dogs...i couldn't wait, i thought it was such a good idea...i am not sure the others shared my enthusiasm...but maybe they were just tired, or wanted beer...prolly both!
    Doubt we will be over that way, but I'll keep reading the thread. We focus our efforts mostly on the Catskills these days...
    Have fun! I went to one once, and you should hear the things the fans say about each other! It was like I had never heard swearing before! :eek:
    you love it that i'm a yankee fan! hey, i'm going to a met vs yanks game at citifield july 4th weekend. :D
    I hear ya Tom - it was a tough call to post or not - I just figured in this case the potential danger of this case outweighed the negatives of posting.

    Based on the responses I'm receiving however, I may consider more carefully next time. Apparently it is good fodder for jokes. Sorry if my response sounded "testy."
    No need to be sorry, man. Things don't always come across in print the way they were meant. If we were all standing together and talking, I'm sure we'd have understood where the other was coming from. All too often I've listened to advice givers who were way off mark, and the more advice they gave, the less credible I found them. I could elaborate, but won't. I wouldn't put you or DSettahr in that category. His post was long, yes, but full of good advice. The first line of my post was unfortunate, sorry...
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