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Tom Rankin
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  • Thanks Tom for the steps...funny it was wildcat a priscilla and i met you guys!! hope to see you sometime..we would like to explore the ads and cats sometime and if so hope we could contact you for recommendations..Keith (Lefty E)
    We didn't do much yesterday...went for breakfast, then she had church business in the afternoon while I went birding. Glad to hear Laurie is feeling better.
    Alright, now I am definitely going to climb it. I drove by it a couple of times this weekend and kept thinking I should go over there and get R' Done. In fact, I should do it at night and use it as a midnite ascent!!!

    BTW, I was going to send you a link to a guy from Brooklyn Brewery who is opening a brewery in Newburgh.. :


    I saw him being interviewed on some Albany station last night and he was wearing a Arcteryx shell jacket on... must be a hiker!

    Hahaha, I was just busting your chops. You're certainly been out a heck of a lot more than I have!! That's quite a bit of elevation, if you ask me :)
    Hey Tom... Thanks for the greenie! The Willey Range sure can be an interesting place.
    Kristina wants to do one day presi and pemi (seperately) so i'll do those with her but besides that no. going to focus on racing ultras until the conditions in the Whites are a bit speedier.
    What does VFTT mean to you?
    In addition, meeting you and Laurie has certainly been one of the greatest things this site has ever offered me...don't ever forget that...:D...
    I did give it some thought, and some rethought while going up the ice slide. But there were so many rocks exposed I was thinking that I would destroy them. And, once I got 50' up the slide it seemed to be too late.
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