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  • Concord
    He is in Brighton fri through sun
    Garret is awesome and healed it fun and informative, too
    Pls tell him I sent you and good luck!
    Hi Sandy,

    Tracie is doing great, thanks for asking! She was back in MGH in late June, CHF again. Since then she's been doing telemonitoring at home and the docs are right on top of any weight gain. We're hoping for a very quiet rest of the year!
    Yeah, you are really lucky.
    I don't have that. I tend to top-rope with women who are at the same level as me. None of us are comfortable leading more than WI 2 yet. I'll follow a 3-4+ though.
    Yeah, you are a BAD ASS.
    ha! thanks, although it was over my head too! barely made it up some sections. climb with people that are way better than you and you'll improve so much faster. i've been lucky this season because of that.
    hello! that would be super goofers (WI 5) at cathedral ledge. a skinny popisicle snot stick. it's 50 feet of hell. ;)
    Hey Trainwreck...thanks for the offer, I may just take you up on it! Everyone here has been awesome with support, it's really keeping us all going!
    North Face... I saw a pair of FUSCHIA colored ones in Lincoln a few weekends ago. Too bad they were an XS, or I would have snapped them up immediately. :)

    Mount Auburn Hospital

    Prosports..I used Dr Meigle

    these guys were great

    good luck

    way to persevere..that was quite a bump and I am glad things worked out ok..flags a pretty neat thing isn't it?
    Hi Sandy, I hope that goose egg has healed up for you! Thanks for being a part of Flags this year. :)
    Sandy here is the photo of you in the fog on Madison.
    Sandy, Happy to meet you on the Madison flags climb Saturday. Very sorry to hear you fell. Are you ok?? Fran has a great photo of you at the top. I am going to try and send it to you tomorrow.
    hey there...pleased to see that you will be part of the Flags on 48 for madison..looking forward to meeting up with you on the trail..it is a pretty special event.
    Hi Trainwreck, I was looking at your profile and saw that you went to circus camp with your kids -- that sounds like so much fun! What was that like?
    Thanks for the offer of help on Cube! Sorry the timing won't work out......
    Do you want me to keep you posted for futute trailwork trips?
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