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  • Can you help me? I'm going to sign up with Smugmug. I can save some money on first year membership fee if I give them a Smugmug member's email address. I promise to buy you a bear. My email address is [email protected]

    Thanks Tuco and good to hear from you. On a trip like that the pictures just kind of take themselves. Last Saturday when I tried to bag the peak I didn't take a picture above the tree line, the fog was so thick there was nothing to see.
    Believe me, I spend way too much time checkin' out other people's photos and sizin' myself up. Although there are a few I might edit out of this set, you pretty much nailed the day with your camera. Not everyone can do that! Good job!
    Hey, I also use smugmug, but I can't get my trip reports in order. They stay in the order they are uploaded, which is ticking me off. Do you know how to fix that? I've been able to create different pages for different states, but that is about it.
    Really good point, Tuco. I appreciate the encouragement, and we certainly learned some things. Thanks for the boost!
    I have worked for and with non-profits for many years and was disapointed that I couldn't find it. Probably won't help much as some just like to argue. I'm going for a walk!
    Yeah, Hoosier couldn't get off today so with the weather and the lack of our car spot, we postponed the trip, might be up during turkey day weekend...
    thanks for the greenie..it was quite an assortment of conditions this week>>I may have another taker for potential loop next year...
    Thanks for the greenie - you got some nice shots up there...I like the avatar!
    Yup, another peakbagging mission with Zero-G and Hoosier.. I will hopefully be able to finish the 48/115 after this weekend if all goes well..

    Yep, the record got broken this summer, but at least I still have the chicks' record! :) Fun stuff. Thanks for forwarding the link.
    Thanks for the greenie. You would have loved it up there. The view with the undercast when I arrived was spectacular. Then when it all lifted the views of the valley were equally spectacular.
    Hey thanks for the greenie..appreciate it

    While we were tired after the Crockers and reddington the meadows and terrain on the cvr.billowing clouds and blue sky..the whole day had such a sense of accomplishment.and the walk out was part of it..that's not to say we did not look forward to the iron bridge
    Nice pictures of Sugarloaf Eric, so that's what the summit building looks. We couldn't see more than 50ft in front of us when we were there, we didn't stay long too...
    Thank you for the green square. There are indeed a lot of emotions involved in this, so I think it is key to provide an objective overview. The real issue here, as far as I can tell, is the showing of logging roads on the map. Other than the Larcom Trail, there are no trails in dispute in this situation - the small group of landowners who are upset actually do not have anything depicted on the map other than contour lines, brooks, and logging roads - all which can be found in various USGS maps, etc. Hopefully a good conclusion is reached for all.
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