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  1. wardsgirl

    Hal Graham (Trailwrights, BRATTS founder) has passed away.

    Hal was very well known among trail maintainers. What a sweet request: "In lieu of flowers, take a day and do some trail work." RIP, Hal
  2. wardsgirl

    Black fly season White Mountains in NH

    If the weather is mild, I find that hiking with a headnet is unbearably hot. Most repellants are ineffective against black flies. It's best to cover as much skin as possible. Wear a headnet if you can tolerate it. Still, snacking and hydrating will inevitably expose some skin. Plan to inhale at...
  3. wardsgirl

    Who remembers Moss Tents and other innovators of the time?

    Spent many nights in a Moss Starlet. Also, when Ragged Mountain Equipment sold bags of scrap-sized fleece for $3/bag, I bought a few bags and made the kid a fleece suit of jacket, pants, hats, and mitts. He had every color and every size when he was a kid growing up hiking in the mid-90s.
  4. wardsgirl

    Gear: use it or lose it

    I once had a pair of the same (or very similar) Asolo boots. The soles looked like yours after only two wet seasons of use. Fortunately, this was back when LL Bean had an open time limit return policy. I exchanged them for a different brand.
  5. wardsgirl

    Important VFTT Announcement -- PLEASE READ --

    Thanks for all you've done, Tim! I hope to see you around the trails!
  6. wardsgirl

    Biggest Little Mt

    Great job, Grey J. As our VFTT family gets older, I suspect we will hear similar stories from our ranks. Your perseverance and your enthusiasm at climbing the little big mountain is inspiring!
  7. wardsgirl

    Mt Carrigain well water

    I drank from it some 15 or so years ago... no ill effects that I know about, but I probably wouldn't drink from it again.
  8. wardsgirl

    Weekend rescue

    Several years ago, I slipped (coming down Weetamoo Tr, of all places) and heard an audible snap when my ankle became injured. Hiking alone in the quiet woods, that SNAP seemed to echo through the forest. I may have said, "Well, that's not a sound I wanted to hear." Fearing a broken ankle, I...
  9. wardsgirl

    Moose are out on the roads in the whites

    That was 1993, when I was a trail adopter on North Twin Spur. What a mess!!
  10. wardsgirl


    I always carry them in winter. They are inexpensive and easy to use. I always wave them around in the air for a few minutes before I put them inside my mittens. Like bikehikeskifish indicated, the exposure to oxygen activates them. I agree with TCD that Hot Hands are readily available, and...
  11. wardsgirl

    14 Peaks documentary is out today

    Amazing film! Very interesting to learn that Nirmal "Nims" Purja, the climber featured in this film, was the photographer of that famous Everest bottleneck photo that most people are familiar with. Thanks for posting, SpencerVT!
  12. wardsgirl

    Winter Hiking Season over before it started.

    Oh no! You've had quite a year, haven't you?! It sounds like your incident could have happened to anyone. That's great that the ATV was close by. I hope everything goes well with the potential surgery and upcoming rehab. Hang in there!
  13. wardsgirl

    Youtube video on WMNF mysteries

    Barney and Betty Hill!
  14. wardsgirl

    Rescue in the great Gulf

    When I hiked with my son, he often ditched me, but I always made him stop at intersections and stream crossings. It seemed to work out fine!
  15. wardsgirl

    Cat finishes the 48

    I'm surprised Mt. Tom wasn't one of the cat's favorites. =^.^= __)
  16. wardsgirl

    Ran out of VFTT Stickers

    peakbagger, if you want a sticker to tide you over, I have a couple extra. I'd happily put one in the mail to you, from one Toyota owner to another!
  17. wardsgirl

    Rescue on Wildcat Ridge Trail

    I keep a can of PAM in the trunk of my car and give my snowshoes or crampons a shot of lube before I hit the trail. It may not be good for the metal, but it always seems to prevent the balling that others may experience.
  18. wardsgirl

    Take Me To GPS School

    Update to the update: And my GPS and maps are working perfectly again. I called Garmin on Monday and described what jniehof and I discovered. They conveniently replaced the SD card for a nominal fee. I have carefully installed the new card and enabled my new map. I can see the trails again...
  19. wardsgirl

    Take Me To GPS School

    Update! jniehof and I tinkered around with my GPS. The unit could read his SD card(s) without issue. His unit could not read my SD card. So, the problem is with the card. Upon further examination, we noticed that a tiny chunk of plastic is missing from the edge of my card. This must have...
  20. wardsgirl

    Take Me To GPS School

    Thanks for your help, Capt, DougPaul, and IamKrzys! Your suggestions make a lot of sense to me. I am going to get together with jniehof, (who lives nearby, and who I know from trail maintenance), and we are going to see what we can do to get it sorted out. When we figure out what's going on...