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    Balsams Update - Go Big or Go home

    Yeah, that really struck me also but figured it was due to Friday publication date; meeting Wednesday so maybe not enough time to include before print? Likewise I might assume regarding 'real' news with The Sun; oh well, weekly now, so not so much the purpose of these papers anymore....but I...
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    Balsams Update - Go Big or Go home

    Oddly didn't read this in yesterday's Colebrook Chronicle, but just read in this morning's Caledonian Record "Balsams Secures "Critical" Approval For Redevelopment" and goes on to describe that the Coos County Planning Board conditionally granted the site plan approval, contingent on meeting...
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    Hope for delaying Dementia among Outdoor Curmudgeons

    I say I don't like using gps when hiking (stays in the pack for emergencies) and prefer my maps and reading the landscape. But my wife does as she has the need to quantify miles etc. and uses the thing on her phone for day to day stuff, but I have to say it is nice for clearing uncertainty...
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    Return to winter conditions?

    There is a prediction for rain starting between 3 and 4 pm for this area. But a high of 40 and cloudy till then- so at least won't be slop for the better part of the day. I'm partial to suggest Bretton Woods since they have so much terrain and variable options, downhill/bc/xc all in one place...
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    Looks like the Monadnock region is getting the snow

    I used to live in Nelson. My buddy who lives there texted me that he had 18 at 5:30 yesterday morning, then he reported 30 at 6:30 pm and it was snowing just as heavy. Nice hill town. Here- maybe 3" at 8:30 pm, and sure enough most came down overnite with a little over 6 this morning. Looks...
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    Balsams Update - Go Big or Go home

    Go Figure! Different management philosophy.
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    Balsams Update - Go Big or Go home

    I just finished reading an account of Thursday's meeting in the Caledonia Record. A discussion came up where the developer is trying to remove a condition of the permit with the county, to keep the hiking trails to Table Rock open. Developer is concerned about liability. The county folks pushed...
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    Northern Pass 2 ? Looks like its getting closer

    I always figured it was inevitable. Minor correction Peakbagger- eastern Grafton County, I'm glad I don't live in the "Sand-Lands" of Carroll County, too dry.
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    Winter is Back

    My family bought a Nordic season pass for the area just below you at Bretton Woods, and I can confirm the arrival of excellent snow conditions. If it was 10 years earlier in my life, I may have been a regular skier off the Cog access, but am really enjoying the lower elevation trails with our...
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    The changing innovations of what we do for fun

    Few more thoughts, Water filtration. I thought when First Need came out with the affordable filter (the one with the blue plastic filtering cartridge) it was a game changer. The next step that came along with straws and bottles with filtering is just amazingly convenient. Myself I like to use...
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    Hi Bill I lived in Tunbridge a little over 30 years ago where I built a cabin and was there for a couple of years. For fun I was maintaining a section of the Long Trail a little north of Killington. At the time I really wanted to live closer to the White Mtns. and in NH, now I regret leaving VT...
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    Calling all Maine Map or Firetower Geeks

    It wasn't that long ago that the Firetower Watchperson for State of NH was a pretty good job. I looked at and considered application to a position more than once, but they were not full time year-round. For many it was a good foot in the door into NH Park or Forest & Lands employment since they...
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    Calling all Maine Map or Firetower Geeks

    One of my favorite things to do when at the DRED (NH State Parks) HQ in Concord if I had to do some waiting, was to explore the survey and blueprint drawers containing almost 100 years of historical mapping documents. The coolest things were the fire tower summit maps that are the NH version of...
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    Babies and bugs

    We used netting. Bought some sort of netting from Campmor I believe, as they used to sell something from Coghlans that was a big sheet. That baby smell, my wife and I are convinced it works as bug repellant for a period of time early in their lives.
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    The changing innovations of what we do for fun

    LED's I can't believe we used to carry Maglights
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    Car Break ins at Rocky Branch Parking on RT 16

    I was just going to share this: Story is reporting an uptick with incidents at FNSP and Beaver Brook Trailheads. A friend was at Mud Pond Jefferson this weekend and another hikers vehicle was window...
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    Finally - Great crust

    Yes! Love these conditions. Thought the same thing yesterday morning and led my family on a bushwack to explore some frozen rapids and a wetland edge on an adjoining parcel. I usually never can get them interested in this particular area. Might be because I keep pointing to the 'trails' I use...
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    Must be a new Moderator in town.

    Makes me feel young again. I'm a New Member after 18 years of participation. Oh. It just changed. Now I'm Active.
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    Cannon Mountain Tram replacement in the news

    I had a little headspin myself with this in the news recently, as I had thought all the politicians had already proclaimed in the news within the past couple of years, that they had already saved the Tram? I guess were still close to Groundhog Day. I was a little disturbed by this statement by...
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    Sleeping Out Tonight?

    I actually expected it to get much colder at my home and was surprised yesterday morning when my friend in Nelson NH (much farther south) reported -21 while we had -23. On Friday around 8 pm same friend reported -8 while I was reading -18. He lives ~ 400' higher in elevation than me at around...