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  1. JToll

    Sled/Polk Trails

    You might consider the Cohos trail north of route 110 in Stark. Pretty remote and not very rugged. You could probably go all the way to Dixville Notch.
  2. JToll

    Patagonia "must have"

    Look on the Section Hiker website. He reviews a lot of gear and often includes Patagonia.
  3. JToll

    Original Katahdin 1853 painting at Yale

    The library in St Johnsbury VT, the Atheneum, had a great collection of Hudson River School art. There is a very large Bierstadt painting, The Domes of Yosemite.
  4. JToll

    Winter hiking??

    Crescent and the other trails in the Randolph Town Forest
  5. JToll

    Fall Tick Hatch?

    I think the tick level depends a lot on where you hike. Last year we hiked in the Speckled and Wild River areas had had several ticks after every hike. This year we have been in the northern Presidentals and the Mahoosucs and have not had any ticks.
  6. JToll

    Success Pond Road - A lot better than in the recent past

    A report on NETC says Success Pond Road will be closed just past the Success Trail trailhead starting Sept 19 for a bridge replacement.
  7. JToll

    Success Pond Road - A lot better than in the recent past

    Thursday morning I was driving up Success Pond Road 10.9 miles to the Notch Trail. About half way I came across a guy who had hiked all the way from Gorham and was headed to the Speck Pond Trail. I gave him a ride. A half mile further I came across another hiker. I am not sure where he started...
  8. JToll

    Extremely slow forum load ?

    Really fast right now
  9. JToll

    Extremely slow forum load ?

    Very slow on my phone this morning. I was out hiking yesterday so was not on the site
  10. JToll

    Longest Rail Trail in New England Nears Completion

    We have walked the trail from St Johnsbury to Channel Drive past West Danville.( ~15 miles) Very enjoyable. There are plenty of road crossings so it is easy to break the walk into sections. We look forward to continuing west toward Hardwick.
  11. JToll

    Great Boston area hikes w/some gain

    There is a nice loop trail in Myles Standish State Park
  12. JToll

    Foam To Make A Backpack Back Protector

    You could ask ULA for a recommendation for a supplier of foam.
  13. JToll

    Need a driver to help with some shuttling

    Here is a link that may help.
  14. JToll

    Mt. Isolation Advice

    The bridge is still there. The problem is that the soil around the abutment has been washed away so it is either very difficult or impossible to get up on the bridge. When we hiked it a few years ago it was easier to just rock hop across the river. At higher water levels this would also be...
  15. JToll

    Lyme Disease Trials in Maine

    That is where I was bitten both times I have had Lyme
  16. JToll

    Is Memorial Day the New Fourth of July in the Whites?

    Very quiet in North Conway today. Felt very much off-season. Plenty of parking, lots of places look closed at 8:30 pm
  17. JToll

    Cooler Thread - Post Hike Refreshments

    We have been using a small “6 pack” cooler with an ice pack to keep a few drinks cold. It sits on the floor of the back seat. As we work on redlining the trailheads are often remote. This way we get an immediate cold drink. What we have noticed are very long lines at drive thru fast food...
  18. JToll

    Are gas prices affecting your hiking?

    I did think about it when I put $85 in my tank for the trip back to Rhode Island, but do not plan any changes.
  19. JToll

    Black Flies out in Northern Whites

    Plenty of black flies Wednesday around the Percy Peaks.
  20. JToll

    Start planning - 2024 Eclipse path runs over Katahdin

    Looks like a good time to go the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.