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  1. Nessmuk

    Hope for delaying Dementia among Outdoor Curmudgeons

    Look carefully at this video clip to the end. Which of these kids do you think is most aware of and will ever appreciate their surroundings? Handheld GPS or cell phones, may be good tools for their intended purposes, but focussed misuse will result in brain mush. I have even seen people walk...
  2. Nessmuk

    Hope for delaying Dementia among Outdoor Curmudgeons

    Most of my backcountry trips have multiple goals. The "published" goal is to reach some remote backcountry destination and return along some potential stated route(s). This will give SAR some place to look if I do not return home on time. But in many cases my more personal important goal is to...
  3. Nessmuk

    Black fly season White Mountains in NH

    And overlapping the season is the arrival of deer flies and horse flies, not to mention punkies (noseeums) on warm humid nights. For a long time I regularly used a high percentage Deet product along with maintaining near constant daytiem travel movement and a net being necessary only when...
  4. Nessmuk

    Hope for delaying Dementia among Outdoor Curmudgeons

    I could not agree more. When I was self-learning the finer points of precision map and compass in the wilderness, I never tried to "get lost on purpose", but I always felt that learning from mistakes meant that I would never make those mistakes again. I will admit to occasional locality...
  5. Nessmuk

    The changing innovations of what we do for fun

    That's all part of the exploration/discovery game, and how one gains experience.
  6. Nessmuk

    The changing innovations of what we do for fun

    In this case, the useful navigation technique is called intentionally aiming off, or offset navigation. If you intrentionally head several degrees left or right of what you believe is the exact direction back to your intended target, then when you reach the trail or road you will know whether to...
  7. Nessmuk

    Who remembers Moss Tents and other innovators of the time?

    i have a Moss Outlander (I believe that is the model name) that I boght at least 25 years ago. Still in excellent shape, it serves as my 4 season tent in colder temps. It is a little heavy for summer backpack use, but works well when I need a bit more shelter when 3 season canoe tripping or when...
  8. Nessmuk

    The changing innovations of what we do for fun

    Well, ok, I don't need to know "eactly" where I am to within a couple of meters at any given moment. A map and compass and a glance with my eyes looking around at my surroundings will get me as close to "exact" as is practically required for almost any purpose, and the ability to do that at...
  9. Nessmuk

    The changing innovations of what we do for fun

    Carbon fiber canoes and paddles. This country and its "leadership" get a grip on the escalating inflation that is making the cost of everything that used to be affordable, go out of sight.
  10. Nessmuk

    How do we keep folks from hiking Saturday?

    So Where does this activity fall in the continuum?
  11. Nessmuk

    The Next Big Accident Generator?

    I remember an early computer language translator from the 1960's or early 1970’s Clold War era that was famously asked to translate a phrase from the Bible in English into Russian and back to English again. In English: “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak” Computerese In...
  12. Nessmuk

    Happy Candlemas Day (AKA Groundhog day)

    Well, lets see, looking at the calendar, if Phil had not seen his shadow today, I count just about 6 1/2 weeks remain until the first day of spring. Either way, enjoy the season.
  13. Nessmuk

    Estimating Hiking Time

    I have come up with a list of speed adjustment factors for when instructing a land navigation training course. Most of these are negatives for why I dislike the method of pace counting, but certainly many do apply to timing as well. For some reason I find it much easier to dynamically...
  14. Nessmuk

    Estimating Hiking Time

    With lots of practice, I got to be pretty good at visually looking at a topo map with my starting point and destination, and without making a direct on map length meaurement, I can come up with a good estimate of my hiking arrival time, whether it be via bushwhack or trail. I did this long...
  15. Nessmuk

    Polk/Sled Trip In Adirondacks?

    Snowmobiles, ATVs or any type of motorized vehicles (not even chain saws, nor recreationaal drone aircraft) are by regulation not legally allowed in any areas designated as Wilderness areas in NY State. Look to the series of guide books by Barbara McMaritin and Bill Ingerssoll: "Discover the...
  16. Nessmuk

    Sled/Polk Trails

    Russian Lake near Big Moose Here's a story about the area, including a recommendation for hauling in. pulk Remote, isolated, and quiet with little chance for other traffic
  17. Nessmuk

    Polk/Sled Trip In Adirondacks?

    An old scouting friend gave me a small yellow kids sled he had modified with aluminum flat bar stock reinforcements and an angle aluminum keel. Later, after it wore out, I aslo modified one of those orange sleds (called a "Paris" sled) the same way. For lean2rescue jobs hauling in substantial...
  18. Nessmuk

    Polk/Sled Trip In Adirondacks?

    Lots of potential exists outside of the high peaks in the Western Adirondack region. I like the area in the Five Ponds and Pepperbox and Pigeon Lake Wilderness areas near and north of the Stillwater Reservoir and the nearby Ha-De-Ron-Dah Wilderness. West of there, certain areas of he Tug Hill...
  19. Nessmuk

    Sort of an event, retirement

    Welcome to the club. My long term goal was also to retire at age 62, which I did a few years ago. After a short ceremony on the last day of work, the very next day I headed to the Yukon River for a 1000 mile canoe race. i've done three more Yukon races since then and a dozen Adirondack 90 miler...