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    Fatality on Mt. Guyot

    Some hike for the physical challenge, so bad weather is seen as an opportunity. Completely different scenario but i will be camping out in my backyard this weekend BECAUSE of the expected single digit forecast.
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    Fatality on Mt. Guyot

    I was struck by the similarities with Ken Holmes in '04. Same age, same time of year, same area, both experienced and fit hikers, both reached out to friends via cell phones... From the reports at the time, Ken had the typical winter gear appropriate for his planned itinerary of solo winter...
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    Lidar Article with comments about the AMC 4K list

    It is also fun to think of summiting North and South Hancock after J. E. Henry trains left and before the Kancamagus.
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    How “Essential” Are the Ten Essentials? According to This Study: Not Very

    What is your opinion of relying on a being able to start and sustain a fire in those conditions? I used to stop during my hikes in the forest and practice trying to establish and sustain a fire. I got a lot better at it (wood shavings from processing twigs through a pencil sharpener !) but I...
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    Henry's Ledge and Fall Foliage

    I wonder if the speck of white with the evergreen band behind it in the first two photos is the big wash out along the Lincoln Woods trail from Irene. Also sent PM, thanks.
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    Race the Cog A new Event in 2022

    I applaud Mr. Presby for his commitment to good housekeeping. I don't care if he was responsible for cleaning 10 years worth of debris or 150 years worth of debris. I don't care if he did it to monetize his right of way or to provide his train riders a better view. I hope Mr. Presby's Cog...
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    Bowman Base Camp is for sale

    Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to educate me.
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    Bowman Base Camp is for sale

    Hi peakbagger, I apologize but I have no idea what you are trying to say here. ? rare because the structure is non-conforming ? I always appreciate your insights. Thanks.
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    The overnight pack- weight & gear

    Sorry I don't know pack weight; I hike to camp as opposed to camping to hike. I agree that hiking up mountains with your pack is essential. I do not plan trips to the Whites until Monadnock via Pumpelly with my overnight pack is easy peasy.
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    The Dangers of Mountain Running

    Green square for her! I approach every day hike, backpacking trip, and bushwhack with exactly this approach. It limits my speed and daily distances. It is a trade-off I easily accept because I have a low tolerance for risk.
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    Rescue on Wildcat Ridge Trail

    Takes you back to your old Studio 54 days does it? :p
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    Wow, this a trip report for the books!

    3 AM: I've taken the North Lincoln exit onto route 3... Still so, so, good. Hahahaha, I'm literally crying. I've bookmarked the page for when I need cheering up. :)
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    Wow, this a trip report for the books!

    My favorite Trip Report is still the Pemi Loop where the person ended up walking 93S in the early morning hours and sleeping in the tall grass at the off-ramp for a few hours.
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    N.E. Clean Power Connect in Maine - Should we care ?

    So each State should generate power comparable to their consumption? Is that really practical? I used to do boiler inspection of the Mohave Units in Laughlin Nevada. Those units were downwind of the California Electric Utilities that were the major stakeholders; so I can appreciate the...
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    Rescue During Lockdown

    Albert Dow 1982.
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    Winter Camping Revisited

    I use my summer quilt underneatch with a z-rest in the sleeve of my JRB BM bridge hammock with a heavy quilt down to about 10 deg F. My 12'x10' tarp is configured in a closed end winter set-up. I also have a set of heavy base layer just for sleep/camp. Due to the bridge shape, I get a very...
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    TY Gagne's new book is out (Spoiler Alert!)

    1. SVEA 123R, nuf said. 2. I would be a nervous wreck with an open flame inside a tent. I would have to go buy an MSR reactor in a hanging setup to even consider it. Obviously, I am not camping above treeline in foul weather..
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    Mount Washington Cog Railway running on weekends, holiday periods this winter

    Thank you all for these wonderful links! While I still oppose the hotel idea, these links helped me realize the owner's investment has been more than just biodiesel trains. I hope that the State and local businesses (Obs, Cog, and AutoRoad) can find a path forward that works for all of them.
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    Busy F&G weekend

    Yes! I realize I have a bit more time in the woods than them but how do they not see a trail that looks like a highway to me.