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  1. The Hikers

    The Rules

    Never felt like I "just visited". The present rules RE: height and distance have always seemed fair to me with no peak too easily gained. Need a challenge? Bushwhack to the peaks.
  2. The Hikers

    Lodging in Gorham

    The "Town and Country" just down the road from Gorham is O.K. And the hot tub feels great after a cold hike.
  3. The Hikers

    AMC article on naming in the White Mountains

    Pretty much. The "o" is a short o, and the a's are each pronounced and the j is actually pronounced "ch"
  4. The Hikers

    AMC article on naming in the White Mountains

    My favorite for "George" is the Abenakis "Kodaakwajo", or The Hidden Mountain, referring to the clouds which often hide its top
  5. The Hikers

    "The Grid" has replaced "The List"

    We have completed a half a dozen "lists" and were pursuing yet another this year when it all became a bit too much. Since that time we have been doing our favorites, and redoing many mountains by different trails. We are enjoying our hikes more than ever before, and noticing things that flew...
  6. The Hikers

    Are poles worth it?

    Lately I find I just carry my poles on flat and easy terrain. They get used going up steeper areas, and going down. They are also great when crossing rivers on rocks for extra balance points. We get rid of them by putting them in the pack for rocky scrambles and climbs. I have the Lekis with the...
  7. The Hikers

    Bushwack from Carrigain to Vose Spur

    We considered the hot weather, and the fact that we were in shorts, and additionally the mosquitos, so we settled for Carrigain today. I would think this is a better bushwack in the fall.
  8. The Hikers

    Bushwack from Carrigain to Vose Spur

    We are in the mode ,lately, of doing over mountains, but from a different trail/direction. Wondering how the BW from Carrigain to Vose Spur is these days. We did it from Carrigain Notch last time.
  9. The Hikers

    Biggest D'oh "That Was Stupid" Moment

    Drove 100 miles to the trailhead at Glencliffe. When I reached back to get my boots I found I had my right Rocky and Joyce's left Asolo. The difference between size 12 and nine was too great so I pounded the car seats and threw a fit for awhile. We saved the day by going back into Plymouth and...
  10. The Hikers

    Mt. Crawford, Stairs Mountain via Davis Path Trail Conditions Needed

    We are planning the same trip tomorrow, and arguing about snowshoes. We definately needed them last year at this time.
  11. The Hikers

    The Hidden Dangers of Mt. Washington

    I see nothing unusual or unexpected here. Because of my light weight I always tie myself to a good-sized boulder on the windy peaks. And, yes, a night of eating that French-Canadian pea soup COULD result in explosive conditions.
  12. The Hikers

    Some unusual activity in the Ossipees

    The Tree damage is within site of the summit of Sentinel. I thought it wise to post the report here so as to establish a record of when it was first noticed. I considered it might be the work of a youngster trying out his new hatchet, but the job seems too well done and methodical. It remains a...
  13. The Hikers

    Some unusual activity in the Ossipees

    I couldn't see any particular reason for the choice of these trees, although they were very close to the summit. Views are fine even with these trees
  14. The Hikers

    Some unusual activity in the Ossipees

    Friday we headed out to the Ossipees to climb Bayle, Sentinel and other small mountains we hadn't visited yet. Not too far from the trailhead for Bayle we came across what I still think is the stupidest sign I have seen on a hike, but it was to gain importance before our hikes were over...
  15. The Hikers

    Finally...#48...and the perils of such a hike

    Congrats !! If you and your hubby are like us, you will get permanently hooked, and there will always be another list to be conquered. We credit getting away to hike with helping us keep what little sanity we have left.
  16. The Hikers

    Gentlemen thieves?

    We have resorted to leaving gift items for the thieves which resemble valuables but are literally full of s--t.
  17. The Hikers

    Gorham Paper Mill may reopen

    Did someone say actively burning down substandard housing? Beautiful view of the Prison from Success