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  1. JohnL

    Alpine Flowers

    From Sunday June 26: Labrador Tea in profusion between Pierce and Eisenhower. Mountain Cranberry plentiful in the col btw Pierce and Ike as were Bunchberry, Goldthread and Bluebead Lilly, though the latter still had a tinge of green. JohnL
  2. JohnL

    friday night northern lights possible

    Apparently there was good viewing from the summit of Mt Monroe. A photo from a friend on flickr: JohnL
  3. JohnL

    New Record for the Pacific Crest Trail

    2,660 miles in 59+ days! 45 miles per day! yikes! JohnL
  4. JohnL

    Single Car Pressie Traverse Logistics

    When I did a solo traverse I dropped my car off at Appalachia in the middle of the afternoon, grabbed the AMC shuttle back to Crawford Notch, had dinner at the Lodge, stayed at the Shapleigh Bunkhouse, got up early and walked to Appalachia. I thought about changing my logistics and leaving a...
  5. JohnL

    Presi Traverse - Lake of the Clouds to RMC's Gray Knob Questions

    Beds? There are beds in Grey Knob now? My guess says there is "floor space" to accommodate 15 persons upstairs in the loft, though I've been there when I 'm sure there were more. JohnL
  6. JohnL

    NH Outdoors Quiz Grouseking Style

    #2. Kilback Pond.
  7. JohnL

    Pressie Traverse Comments and Advice Sought

    Not really. The Gulfside Trail is a virtual boulevard. Adams' summit is only 0.6 miles out and back from T-Storm Jct, Jefferson is 0.7 up and over and Washington is at most 1/3 mile of rock hopping, similar to the descent from it on the Crawford Path, which is, other than the very top section...
  8. JohnL

    Pressie Traverse Comments and Advice Sought

    Here's my opinion about getting ready for long hikes in general and specifically the Presi Traverse. When I did my first Presi Traverse, I was in my 50’s so I wasn’t in my 30’s anymore either. I also went against prevailing wisdom and went south to north. That was a logistical decision and...
  9. JohnL

    Nat Geo-K2

    If you mean she was the first woman to climb K2 without oxygen, there were at least 7 who preceded her; Wanda Rutkiewicz who was the first woman to climb K2 in 1986, did so without oxygen as did Liliane Barrard, who was a couple hours behind Wanda. Julie Tullis also summited without oxygen...
  10. JohnL

    Do you geotag your photos?

    Never. No inclination or need to do so. JohnL
  11. JohnL

    MWO Lenticular Time Lapse Video

    Thanks for passing on this link,Tim. Some other very nice time lapse videos in there as well. Found another lenticular cloud from Friday's hike that I missed on my first pass through the shots. This one appears to have a tail of sorts. JohnL
  12. JohnL

    MWO Lenticular Time Lapse Video

    We watched the lenticulars form and transform from Moosilauke on Friday as well. JohnL
  13. JohnL

    The Chronicles of Hernia: The Lying Around, the Stitches and the Loose Wardrobe

    I had left inguinal hernia surgery 12 years ago then hiked Liberty and Flume 3 1/2 weeks later. I had right inguinal hernia surgery in November and was doing 3 mile walks around the neighborhood two weeks later. I think your expectation of being sidelined for a season are overstated. The...
  14. JohnL

    Your Top 10 Photos of 2011...

    Though I don’t necessarily consider these my 10 “best” photos of 2011, they are a representation of a well rounded set of my top nature related photos of the year. Thanks to everyone who has shown and will show their photos. Some really nice stuff in this thread. An alien hovercraft...
  15. JohnL

    Your favorite photo of 2011

    I agree with forestgnome. This is not a contest. It's a chance to show others what really made you smile this year when you got home to look at your photos from your day of adventure. Remember the name of this thread..."favorite photo" not "best photo". Post away! JohnL
  16. JohnL

    DSLR Lenses?

    I think you have people covered with your two lenses. You can get good landscapes with the 18-55 but like Doug, I also prefer a wider lens. I have a Sigma 10-20 to deal with landscapes, seascapes and skyscapes. For closeups of little things, I use a 100mm Macro which will also double as a nice...
  17. JohnL

    Your favorite photo of 2011

    I didn't get to do any mountain hiking this year but I did get some scrambling done on the rocky New England shorelines for some photo work. This one is from earlier this month at Bass Rocks in Gloucester, MA a couple minutes after sunup. JohnL
  18. JohnL

    Zipper Temperature Gauge?

    I keyed in on five criteria of yours: small, digital, accurate, quality, easy to read. My recommendation is Kestrel. Less than $100, includes anemometer, smaller than 5” x 2” x 1", under 3 oz, high quality, accurate to 1.8F. I can read mine without my reading glasses. I’ve had mine for over...
  19. JohnL

    Favorite Ponds in the White Mountains

    I was surprised to see that two of my favorites have not been listed yet: Kilback Pond, along the Kilkenny Ridge Trail Harrington Pond, along the Kinsman Ridge Trail south of South Kinsman I have photos somewhere and I'll try to find and post them here later. The settings in which both...
  20. JohnL

    Capt. Scott's lost photographs

    Great images. Thanks for finding this. Unfortunately for both Scott's men and the horses, the horses quickly outlasted their usefulness as pack animals as they were ill equipped for the extreme cold and the icy terrain, for the latter in much the same way as the reasons why humans wear...