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    NY hiker clung to tree above Adirondack cliff after sliding hundreds of feet

    There is an updated/alternate article with more detail (Woman survives dangerous fall on South Dix | News, Sports, Jobs - Adirondack Daily Enterprise she was off-route when she slipped.
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    Tarp Shelter

    Picked up a journey myself last year. Nice bit of kit. Had been using a DIY hex for years that was borderline on size; always managed to stay dry, but was a bit nervous more than once.
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    Hiker Rescue, Desolation Trail - "Frozen Feet"

    Have these also, big fan. They also fit my feet better than any other footwear I own which is nice.
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    Severe weather or other safety alerts to your inReach, Zoleo, etc.

    Is/will this be available for satellite-messaging-capable cell phones as well?
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    Big Agnes Air Core

    I had an old version of the insulated air core (manual blow-up valve, no inflator bag). Was lightweight and reasonably insulating but I didn't love the vertical baffles. I'm also a side-sleeper, and on the larger side, so standard-width pads can be troublesome to keep underneath me. Picked up a...
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    Mt Guyot Rescue

    Kind of a loaded question as the very grippiest shoes (i.e., soft climbing rubber) will suffer on the durability front. Vibram MegaGrip and La Sportiva Frixion XF/White get excellent marks for grip and are durable "enough" for northeast rock. I'm very happy in la sportiva ultra raptors. Approach...
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    Please help ID these mountains

    Starting in the foreground (from West to East); Tabletop (and Howard?), Great Range (Haystack through upper wolfjaw?), Nippletop/Colvin range, Dix range
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    Cover For Kayaks On Highway For Better MPG

    take a look at Seals, they have pretty comprehensive sizing and tethers to help secure them. Seals Sprayskirts - Cockpit Seal
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    Cover For Kayaks On Highway For Better MPG

    Kayak Travel Cover | Fits Kayaks 9' to 16' Long Are they sit-in kayaks and if so do you have cockpit covers on them? You could try slowing down. 2 kayaks (w/ cockpit covers) + roof box impacts our CX-5 ~4-5 mpg (15/20%) at highway speeds.
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    Long Sleeve Shirts: Heat, Bugs, Humidity?

    I have sun hoodies from columbia, huk, and Eddie Bauer, all originally purchased for fishing & beachwear but adopted for hiking and camping, and regularly treated with permethrin. They all stretch, and breathe to varying degrees depending on material/weave. I sweat through them pretty quick (as...
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    Columbia Endurasole (formerly Montrail) heat moldable inserts no more

    I've been searching for a replacement as well. No luck so far. Have seen the same question pop up on reddit and I asked it over at adkhighpeaks, but crickets as far as recommendations. Kind of surprising because they did seem to have a pretty solid following.
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    Colorado Alpine lakes

    I try to get a week in out there every August/September. Spent a few days in the Mt Zirkel wilderness last year (from Seedhouse Rd); highly recommend. The "typical" stunning scenery, but much quieter than other parts of CO that I have been to (though that trailhead lot is not big and was...