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  1. Salty

    Not a snow dump up north

    10" of fluff here, and pretty much elsewhere in southern NH got similar or more. Of course, tonight will mess that all up...
  2. Salty

    Marty Engstom has passed away

    Growing up in Penacook (Concord), Ch. 8 was one of the few we could get. The sign-off still sticks in my head, too. "And nooow, bahk to you, Tom" (deadpan for 2-3 seconds, then big toothy grin). A New England legend, for sure. skiguy, thanks for that info. as I thought he was also a ham, but...
  3. Salty

    Fall Foliage

    I want a TR for Storyland from ya. 😁😁😁
  4. Salty

    Concord, NH trails for day hikes

    To add to Mohammed's post, the city has an excellent site on the trails within it.
  5. Salty

    How does Owl's Head in White Mountains look like an actual owl's head?

    I've always seen it labeled at the south end (the outcrops) FWIW.
  6. Salty

    How does Owl's Head in White Mountains look like an actual owl's head?

    FWIW, it was named as early as 1890, quite a while before Henry poked his nose about there. 😊
  7. Salty

    Looks like the anti logging crusade is coming to the Whites (again).

    Thanks for the news, PB. I tire of all or nothing groups. Actually, I'm more than a bit miffed, and will say no more, lest I spew. Interestingly, when I look down in the valley from Black (Benton), there are numerous cuts down there that make me go "oooo, that looks like a cool place to visit!"
  8. Salty

    Trouble on the Ridge (again).

    One handy dandy final EIS for the huts. 😁
  9. Salty

    Got a parking ticket at Kearsage North today

    Hey PB, I'm guessing you got cited for RSA 265:68, which states: "Upon any way outside of a business or residence district no person shall stop, park or leave standing any vehicle, whether attended or unattended, upon the paved or main-traveled part of the way when it is practicable to stop...
  10. Salty

    Time to get rid of the NEHH

    That's for sure, well, except for the helipad. :LOL: But they're not on the NEHH, soooo..... Speaking of which, I did come across a pail from the logging days high up on the side on the main peak, well away from any camp. I love coming across those random artifacts. "John, where's the ****...
  11. Salty

    Heated Mitts / Gloves Question

    My Brain BIOS has been flashed so much, there's now too many memory errors.
  12. Salty

    Heated Mitts / Gloves Question

    Now you're talking my language. :D
  13. Salty

    Happy Candlemas Day (AKA Groundhog day)

    I don't trust rodents to divine the intricacies of complex long-term weather patterns. :D I do trust them to wreak havoc in my garden however.
  14. Salty

    How do we keep folks from hiking Saturday?

  15. Salty

    Jessie Whitehead's Wicked Big Fall

    Thanks much for the link, I especially appreciate the logging article. For some reason, I never thought to check the census records for research!
  16. Salty

    Time to get rid of the NEHH

    When we did it 13 years ago from the Loon side, we got lucky and had decent woods except for a very short section before the top of young fir, and then went around in good woods to get to the eastern peak as well. However, after fighting nastiness all the way to the Middle Scar col before...
  17. Salty

    Time to get rid of the NEHH

    Yeah, admittedly I have turned into "that dude." All cool. :) My point was, however, for the AMC to stop promoting the list. There will always be that list and other lists and people completing them. I don't aim to stop them. But the AMC's stated reason for said list has been for some time a...
  18. Salty

    Time to get rid of the NEHH

    The purpose of the NEHH was always explicit (and IIRC, this was Gene Daniell's doing). To promote bushwhacking. Enough so that I do know Gene requested anyone ascended Peak Above the Nubble via the cut path should not count it towards the list (indeed, when some of us ascended this we visited...
  19. Salty

    Another Falling Waters Loop Fatality

    Great, thought provoking, respectful thread. I love it. And then there's my 2 cents. You can put up a big barrier saying trail closed, and people will walk right around it. You can try to educate people, and they will ignore it. There's really nothing to do, IMO. Closing trails for the greater...