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  1. Rhody Seth

    Mt. Carrigain Overnight - February 26-27, 2023

    Thanks! Shamefully I didn't know who he was when I encountered him. After I caught up to my friends a couple minutes later they filled me in. An impressive cat!
  2. Rhody Seth

    Less People Hiking?

    A young woman who died on Lafayette last November. See this thread: NH Fish And Game Seeking Help With Missing Hiker
  3. Rhody Seth

    Last day of winter today

    I had two good trips up to the Whites this winter but it only netted me two more peaks on my winter list, bringing me to 35. Until next time!
  4. Rhody Seth

    Bigelow Backpacking over Father's Day Weekend 2022

    Thanks! That Bigelow trip was definitely one of the highlights of 2022 for me. Challenging conditions but great company.
  5. Rhody Seth

    Mt. Carrigain Overnight - February 26-27, 2023

    Thanks! Winter camping always brings various challenges to light but it's also my favorite time to camp with friends.
  6. Rhody Seth

    Black fly season White Mountains in NH

    Because I get up to the Whites sporadically I can't say I've ever had a hellish blackfly experience. A couple years on the Carter Moriah range in June was pretty bad but as long as I kept moving they weren't awful. I've been on trails in late May/early June and haven't experienced any - so...
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    Welcome. I looked at Williams as a student - beautiful school. And a perfect location to get to NY/VT/NH peaks.
  8. Rhody Seth

    Mt. Carrigain Overnight - February 26-27, 2023

    A few weekends ago I had a fantastic backpacking trip up Mt. Carrigain with my usual cohorts, marred only by a late night headache/stomach issue. Despite that, it was great to get back out into it. I met the guys at the Sawyer River Road Trailhead around 7:30 AM on a cold Sunday morn. A...
  9. Rhody Seth

    Starr King & Waumbek - Feb 25, 2023

    Me and the guys did an overnight trip on Mt. Carrigain last Sunday. I drove up on Saturday to get an easy first hike under my belt. I always tell myself that I'll leave super early in the morning but chores and last minute packing always put the kibosh on that plan. I got out the door at 8:30...
  10. Rhody Seth

    Strava acquires Fatmap 3D mountain mapper

    I've used Relive to make 3D maps of my Strava activities for some videos. I'll be interested to see how this acquisition helps in the future.
  11. Rhody Seth

    The trend of warming continues.

    Hey we got six inches of snow in southern Rhode Island last night! :love: Now it's raining and turning to slush. 😞
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    Welcome! Thanks for keeping the lights running here.
  14. Rhody Seth

    dated threads

    Do you mean specifically for Rhode Island day hikes?
  15. Rhody Seth

    Heated Mitts / Gloves Question

    Eh, I feel like I'm pretty mediocre at reviews. Certainly not as snappy or in-depth as others. Like anything it'll get better with practice. But I appreciate the kind words. Regarding the gloves, when I was testing them on that overnight I would turn them off when I wasn't using. I only...
  16. Rhody Seth

    Heated Mitts / Gloves Question

    Company called Wasoto sent me a pair of their heated gloves to review. These are low-end compared to the OR Prevails and others mentioned in this thread but at $90 they aren't that cheap either. They certainly work and kept my hands warm. Battery life matched their claims though the high...
  17. Rhody Seth

    The trend of warming continues.

    56° on my run this afternoon. Barf.
  18. Rhody Seth

    Sleeping Out Tonight?

    Some good suggestions here. A couple people have also suggested more electrolytes. I've got a whole bag of those dissolvable packets so I'm going to try to be more diligent about adding them to my water for camping trips.
  19. Rhody Seth

    New MSR Paragon bindings - good? resiliant?

    I didn't think I'd like the paragon system but I was wrong. I find it easy to use, I just have to make sure the heel strap is pulled tight and I have no issues. They definitely didn't produce the hot spots like I had with the previous three strap system. I've only used them on a half dozen...
  20. Rhody Seth

    Sleeping Out Tonight?

    Here's a short video from my night out. A few thoughts: - I picked a decent spot as far as avoiding big trees went. I heard something big fall once or twice but they were far away. The popping of the trees from the cold weather took some getting use to. - I need to upgrade the lines for the...