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  1. NorthShore

    Latest Preferred Snowshoes?

    I liked the Tubbs Flex Alps for a brief period until they failed after about 5 uses (cracks in the crampons and one broke completely off during a hike in excellent snow conditions) and Tubbs refused to stand by their product. I've gone back to MSRs and purchased my first set of Lightning...
  2. NorthShore

    Hiker Rescue yesterday on Washington (Mt Clay)

    MEZ007>009-NHZ002>004-172100- Summits Above 4000 Feet in Northern New Hampshire and Western Maine- 656 AM EDT Fri Jun 17 2022 ...Recreation forecast for summits above 4000 feet in northern New Hampshire and western Maine... .TODAY...Summits obscured. A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Some...
  3. NorthShore


    Yes, only in 22". I have the tails but never use them. Only once on a bushwhack did I wish I was wearing bigger shoes (I was wearing the now deceased 24" flex alps that day). I was absolutely spent at the end of the day. But I agree, I'd much rather have bigger shoes than use the tails...
  4. NorthShore


    Thanks. The lightning ascents I ordered the other night are actually coming from EMS.
  5. NorthShore


    Yup, I have 3 pairs of MSR Evo's (the oldest is 13 years old) and all three are still in service. Bombproof and appropriate traction are the key requirements. Guess I'll bide my time until they get the MSR supply sorted and try to borrow what I need in the meantime.
  6. NorthShore


    So my take on the go-tos in our part of the country is the MSR Evo Ascents and maybe the Lightning Ascents. They are extremely hard to find right now although I did just order a pair of the lightning ascents (25") for myself (I've not used this model before). The Tubbs Flex VRT's and Flex Alps...
  7. NorthShore

    Backwards Weather pattern

    I'm normally pretty good at getting the big picture about weather and occasionally even making my own "tweaks" to facilitate hike planning. The last three weeks have been a disaster in that regard. One consolation is that the pros haven't done much better. My misses were on the conservative...
  8. NorthShore

    POLL: Is there anything more annoying than this?

    It's just easier to draw a volcano. It's the stick figure of mountains.
  9. NorthShore

    Merino Wool durability

    I have a merino quarter zip shirt that is about 10 or 11 years old and has a number of small holes, stretches and other aberrations in it. A couple of years ago purchased a couple of new ones (same shirt / brand), but find myself still wearing the old one most of the time. I've bushwhacked...
  10. NorthShore

    Massive heat wave coming to North Conway area

    While it is going to be warm, that TWC forecast is completely wacky. I find the NWS much more reliable:
  11. NorthShore

    Massive heat wave coming to North Conway area

    Not good. It needs to at least be freezing at night. Better get my licks in early in the week.
  12. NorthShore

    Anyone interested in hiking Moriah next weekend?

    I probably can't do anything Saturday or Sunday, but could after that. I need 7 for my second round, one of which is Owl's Head, although that might be a tough one with all the snow. I'm not wedded to a list though, I just want to get out and enjoy. Anyone skied partway to OH then ditched the...
  13. NorthShore

    SPAM Reduction - Image Verification - I am sorry :(

    Late to the party, but thanks Tim! It's a shame, but it is what it is and there are plenty of aggravating souls out there. Do what you must to minimize their impact on your own time.
  14. NorthShore

    Trail maintenance etiquette

    Just my opinion but it takes a village, especially for a volunteer endeavor. That being said, common sense is a rare commodity, even among those who want to do good and I've seen some horrible things done to trails. There is something to be said for proper training and not letting idiots play...
  15. NorthShore

    Hiker dies from hypothermia in Adirondack High Peaks

    She was apparently a SSW 46er and a few other completed lists. There is a lot of conflicting information that I've read, but it sounds like she was indeed a strong hiker, well known, well loved, and got away with poor gear choices until she didn't get away with it. You can easily read between...
  16. NorthShore

    Edmunds Col Fatality

    Like most people I've done a lot of easy hikes in microspikes and take it for granted that full crampons are overkill. However I do carry them in winter. I was in the presidentials on the 19th and went too far (in my after the fact opinion) with just spikes, but eventually came to my senses...
  17. NorthShore

    Mt Adams, Saturday 2/20

    I can't imagine hiking without full crampons right now. It may have been better in other parts of the Presis, but this was the condition of the Ammo and the Crawford Path on Washington last Friday 2/19: (full set at
  18. NorthShore

    Washington and Monoe via Amonoosuc Ravine Trail

    Date of Hike: Friday 2/19/2016 Trail Conditions: Icy, lots of boilerplate Special Equipment Required: Crampons, Ice Axe Comments: Weather: doesn't get much better than this. Teens on the summit with light - moderate winds. No wind until the summit cone on the way up, then just enough to...
  19. NorthShore

    Eagle and Balsam Bushwhack – December 20, 2015 (Catskills)

    This past Sunday 12/20 I bushwhacked Eagle and Balsam along with MountainSister3, MtnSister10 and Nimblefoot. We started and ended at the McKinley Hollow parking area, whacking up Eagle and down Balsam for two very different off-trail experiences on the same day. Leaving the trail just past...