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  1. sierra

    Colorado Alpine lakes

    Grizzly lakes looks very interesting.
  2. sierra

    Colorado Alpine lakes

    Not allowed off the pavement on any trails or in any meadows and such. As a hiker, that amounts to a full ban for me. I'm not going out there to sightsee from the parking lots.
  3. sierra

    Colorado Alpine lakes

    Thank for taking the time to give me feedback. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in National parks and I always have my dog with me. Thanks again.
  4. sierra

    Less People Hiking?

    I could be wrong here, but I think what might be happening is the shoulder season has started. The trail conditions are mixed at best and with the last two storms, people (me included) are longing for summer. The Belknap Range and the Ossipee Range have been quite busy as of late. I did have a...
  5. sierra

    Colorado Alpine lakes

    I plan a trip to CO this summer, approximately 2 weeks. I will be driving with my dog, so more like one week in the state. I plan on some high climbs, but I also want to have the option of hiking into alpine lakes. All my experience in CO is on the 14ers and I know there are many non peak hikes...
  6. sierra

    Hope for delaying Dementia among Outdoor Curmudgeons

    I'm a self-taught mountaineer. I learned everything from books, pre-internet for the most part. At one point my library of mountain related literature was over 500 books. I taught myself map and compass, not precise geocaching level, but the basics. Twice out west, I found myself( lol) lost. I...
  7. sierra

    Black fly season White Mountains in NH

    I hiked in the Whites for 35 years before, I even bought a head net. I use Ben's 30% deet, Deet is critical for true protection. Don't use perfumes, colognes, or any deodorants whatsoever.
  8. sierra

    Percival and Morgan

    Another nice hike on one of our local favorites. Brilliant conditions, K10's car to car, carries snowshoes, but the monorail was solid and narrow. You can tell this route gets barebooted a lot as the trench was too narrow for snowshoes in many places. Never saw another soul, so it was a nice...
  9. sierra

    The changing innovations of what we do for fun

    If you cannot distinguish the Whites now from the Whites in 1980, then I have no idea what to tell you. Your reply frankly is not supported by the numbers. I've read Forest and Crag.
  10. sierra

    The changing innovations of what we do for fun

    To be honest, there are no technological advances that have had any benefit to me whatsoever. In fact, they have made my overall experience in the backcountry considerably worse. The invention of the mobile phone, GPS and the number 1 nemesis of mine, the internet and social media. Crowds of...
  11. sierra


    I can't believe people are suggesting Sherpas lol. Don't get me wrong, I still have mine and they are forever part of my soul, but jeesh guy's, time to move on. I loathe MSR Lightning ascents, in fact, I have a pair in great shape anyone can buy for 100 bucks. I recommend Tubbs Alp flex, imo...
  12. sierra

    Babies and bugs

    Netting for sure, I just started using a head net a few years ago and can't believe I waited so long. They sell full netting suits; you could buy one and cut it up to rig up a netting type of blanket on whatever rig you carry him in.
  13. sierra

    Mt. Washington ascents?

    Yes, that is the guy. I thought you had over 200 wasn't sure. I'm up there a lot, but I have never joined the cliques, that many of you guys belong too. NH chronicle actually featured that guy Todd on an episode and yes, he seems quite nice and engaging as well.
  14. sierra

    Mt. Washington ascents?

    There is a guy in the 4k groups with 107 ascents of Washington. People are asking if it is a record. Doesnt that guy Chris Daily (sp) have more than that? Just curious if anyone knows someone with a lot of ascents.
  15. sierra

    The trend of warming continues.

    The annual sled dog races in Laconia have been canceled due to the lack of snow. This is too bad, it's a great event and sure is beneficial to the local towns. This would have been the 96th year I believe, it will be interesting to see what happens next year. On another note, I saw a turkey...
  16. sierra

    The trend of warming continues.

    I'm hiking somewhere tomorrow in the Whites with my dog, Shay aka the Boy Wonder. The forecast is for almost 40 degrees in Crawford Notch. Pretty easy winter for hiking in my book.
  17. sierra

    Cannon Mountain Tram replacement in the news

    This is an interesting debate. I can see the benefits of both options to be honest. While the Tram is a fine tradition, the gondola seems more practical to me. I tend to not see eye to eye with Sununu on much lately, but his point about the amount of people in a tram is a legitimate one, not to...
  18. sierra

    New MSR Paragon bindings - good? resiliant?

    Anything is better than that 3 strap system. I dumped my MSR and went to Tubbs because I despised that binding so much.
  19. sierra

    How do we keep folks from hiking Saturday?

    Haha, no, Australian Shepard. He could most likely go colder then 12 degrees, but I am very careful with him. My last Aussie and me got caught on Eisenhower as a cold front slammed the range. He suffered minor frostbite on his pads and while it really wasn't anything I did wrong, I felt awful...
  20. sierra

    How do we keep folks from hiking Saturday?

    I am past the point in my climbing career to find enjoyment in the upcoming temps. Not only that my dog dictates my outings now and I set a benchmark of 12 degrees for his safety, don't go below that. As far as what to do with the general masses? Everyone on this board can probably guess, I'm...