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    Zealand Rd

    I think it has to do with the end of hunting season, which is Dec. 7th this year. It seems to close right after that.

    Maine 4k's (Abraham, Redington,....

    I am headed up to hike next week in Maine. hoping to do Crockers and Redington and also Abraham, Spaulding and Sugarloaf. I have seen lots of questions but no recent trip reports. I have a shutttle driver so was thinking of a traverse over Abraham to Spaulding and Sugarloaf going up Fire...

    Bushwhacking - How far will you go??

    I just got back from the Maine "6 pack" and was wondering -I had a hard time finding a good "herd path" up to Whitecap. So I decided to look around at the top for a better way down. I found a very used herd path that dropped me onto a very nice four wheeler trail. The trail was new with...

    Mt Hale

    1/14/2012 - Hiked Mt. Hale today from North Twin trail and Fire Warden Trail. Seven of us used snowshoes all day and packed out a nice trail. We met some guys with skins on their back country skis heading up to ski the powder in the glades. The snow got deeper as we got higher. beautiful...

    Ravine Lodge Road

    Does anyone know if this road is still open. lastest road status shows that it is. Seems like everyone is using Glencliff trail to summit Moosilauke

    The latest GPS thhread - Garmin or Delorme

    Garmin Map 60 csx I have been hiking with my Garmin Map 60 csx on my shoulder strap for over 2 years now. I have picked the color blue by going to the tracks icon and on the set-up page selecting a color. There is a great selection of colors however when you first get your Garmin it usually...

    Nancy Cascade trail

    Has anyone been up the Nancy CascadeTrail since Irene? Wondering how the brook crossings might be. Thanks

    Vermont Open

    I just hiked Breadloaf and Wilson yesterday. I used this link to find road closures Had to take route 4 to route 7 to route 125 to get to the trailhead. Route 73 is still closed in 2 places. They have been doing a great job in getting the roads open ...

    Lost Dog

    I was asked to post this on VFTT. This was while hiking Lafayette on the Greenleaf trail. We lost a white Pit-Bull mix while hiking Sat. His name is Enzo and is extremely shy. If you spot Enzo, would you contact Linda at (603) 312-3936? The dog is not aggresive, but very skittish. Thanks.

    Allagash question

    We did that trip quite a few years ago. We thought the shuttle fees were a little high so we just went and put on and paddled and said we would deal with the shuttle when we were done. About a day from Allagash village we saw a sign on the side of the river "Shuttle service" and a phone...

    Twins, Galehead, and Garfield Traverse, 4/29/2011

    I would be interested. What time do we meet? Nancy

    WMNF Forest Road Status

    With all that being said does anyone know the real status of Tripoli Road??Open or closed? Thanks

    tubbs flex alp

    Got my Tubbs Flex ALPS in November and have done "lots " of miles this winter. I really like them. I do think that on the downhills they don't ski as much as other shoes I have used but you can still get them to slide if you really want to. I would highly recommend them.

    winter dog jacket? Cinder wears a winter coat from RC Pets. She really doesn't mind it and has worn it on many bushwhacks. She is a black lab about 70 lbs.

    Tubbs Repair?

    I thought Tubbs were gauranteed for life?? I had a pair that the deck ripped, I'm not sure what kind of material it is, but EMS sent them back to Tubbs who repaired them for free and sent them back. I am still using them to get out around the house. They were not wood though.

    Skookumchuck in the snow?

    I did an up and back last spring. We followed the snowshoe trail and there were several places where the trail went in 2 different directions. One time we took the wrong way and ended up turning around as the tracks just dead-ended. When we got out of the trees there was no sign of any trail...

    Moat traverse

    The mileage from South Moat to Norht Moat and then down to Daina's Bath is not much different if you go up South Moat and Come Down Red Ridge, (skipping North Moat) which also brings you to Daina's Bath. Norht Moat is quite steep near the top. Red Ridge is a beautiful hike down some open face...

    canadian wildfire smoke choking the whites...

    I called my local Sheriff office this morning about the smoke and forest fire smell and they said it was from the fires in Quebec and that it is in all of Rockingham County. They are hoping for a wind shift today.

    Missing hiker in the western Whites

    I can see how he got lost. I was on that trail in April and once you turn away from the brook there was no trail blazes at all. Luckily I had a GPS. We followed very faint snowshoe tracks which were only visible once in awhile. We went wrong a couple of times but realized it after what...

    disorientation at Pawtuckaway SP

    Roy is correct about all the herd paths (false trails) I think they are a reslut of people getting lost. The trails tend to wind around and not go in the direction you think they should go in. Also the trail map doesn't accurately show how the trails go. I have been hiking all the trails with...