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  1. ChrisB

    Solo hiking a badge of honor?

    The bears love folks that hike solo.
  2. ChrisB

    Mt. Shaw (Ossipee Range)

    I've done Shaw both ways and found the Mount Shaw trail more fun. First mile is flat and runs along a beautiful stream. Second mile is STEEP and is where most of the climbing takes place. Third mile is along the tote road system atop the ridge and quite flat. When you breakout on the road it...
  3. ChrisB

    Mt Guyot Rescue

    "...The rainy weather has caused slippery trail conditions which have led to many of the injuries seen by Conservation Officers recently. Appropriate footwear should be worn while hiking; hiking boots that provide support, protection and traction are recommended...." I wonder if the popularity...
  4. ChrisB

    Mt. Shaw (Ossipee Range)

    Great resource. Thanks for sharing Rocket.
  5. ChrisB

    Mt. Shaw (Ossipee Range)

    Ken, what is the definitive source for info on the Ten? I am seeing different peak names listed on different Internet sites.
  6. ChrisB

    BSP - Knife Edge Rescue

    OK gang, let's move on here. The fact that they hunkered down for the night make a good case for carrying items to do so on a day hike. Humm.... emergency bivvy, warm layer, gloves and hat and a few energy bars. What could go wrong?
  7. ChrisB

    Mt. Shaw (Ossipee Range)

    I just learned about "The Ossipee 10" list. Includes three bushwhacks. Cool!
  8. ChrisB

    Ageism or Irresponsibility?

    You had/have a great attitude Andrew. Thanks for being there for so many Monadnock mis-adventures. And thanks to all of you responders for your thoughtful responses to this thread. Yes, there are 80 year olds that hike like they are 60. And tramping old and/or solo is an individual decision...
  9. ChrisB

    BSP - Knife Edge Rescue

    Anyone know details about North Search and Rescue? Is this a new SAR organization operating within the Park? They have non-profit status. Looks like it was founded in 2022 and the website has info on operations and joining the group.
  10. ChrisB

    Thank you, Dr. Mohammed Ellozy

    Mohammed is the MAN. A great hiking companion, knowledge mentor and very nice guy.
  11. ChrisB

    Mount Ka’ala, Hawaii - August 14, 2023

    Great summit to bag PC and a 4k too. Nice work! Oahu hiking is crazy. Big exposures along knife edge ridges. Who knew? I hoped to do the Haiku Stairs when we were there but no trespass was being enforced.
  12. ChrisB

    Ageism or Irresponsibility?

    Maybe you folks can help me sort out a question I have regarding a recent rescue in Pinkham Notch... The victim was an 83-year-old male who was hiking solo. He initially fell descending the Wildcat Ridge Trail and then again on the Lost Pond Trail, suffering a head injury. He called for a...
  13. ChrisB

    Couple of Heavy Duty Rescues this Week

    F&G as well as our Blackhawk buddies have had a busy week so far. Two very serious injuries, one with an extraction. Both would have been extractions but wx closed in on Cube. Cell phones saved lives in these cases. See: Cube and Madison.
  14. ChrisB

    Trailhead Warning Poster

    Wow, you're in Big Sky. Great. Some amazing hiking out there, just keep your bear spray in a holster on your hip. Trails are smooth so you can run like hell when the time comes. Be safe!:)
  15. ChrisB

    Another week another flood watch :(

    Lots of water in the system for great ice climbing season! If it stays below freezing this "winter."
  16. ChrisB

    Sleeping bag age?

    I have two Marmot down 20s that I store on hangers in a cedar closet. They both have been washed at least once in their 15 year lifetime and both are still looking good today. I would not hesitate to use them as a Fall bag in the 20-30 degree range.
  17. ChrisB

    A10s buzzing the notches

    I have seen a pair of big ole C 130s pop over Artist Bluff and head down the Notch at very low altitude. Great howls coming from those 4 turbo prob engines. Here is some nice footage from Wales taken on the Machynlleth (Mach) Loop. A frequent site for low altitude practice for NATO members...
  18. ChrisB

    All Trails Strikes again - Hiker rescue on Osceola

    Don't blame the app. This is clearly a case of pilot error. From the F&G report... ... the stranded hiker called 911 and reported that she had inadvertently left the Osceola Trail and when she encountered the exposed bare rock she thought it was the trail and continued up. As the terrain got...
  19. ChrisB

    Be prepared

    Very small roll of Duct tape and nylon tie wraps in a few sizes have come in handy for me.
  20. ChrisB

    Campground Hosting

    Thanks for the feedback. What I've seen at prolonged volunteer gigs at Baxter is that for many people camping=drunkenness. And it's "Instant Ass*ole, just add alcohol." They are hard to deal with and often aggressive when confronted. Give me a lonely fire tower any day.