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  1. SherpaWill

    Solo hiking a badge of honor?

    I second that. Coming up from RI very early and hiking mid week because my work schedule allows for it usually cuts out a lot of people for day trips.
  2. SherpaWill

    Historic Hiking Shelters of the WMNF

    Not sure if this is an authentic photo but they’re was an emergency shelter in Edmands Col until the late 70’s or early 80’s.
  3. SherpaWill

    Presidents Weather question/advice?

    I was planning on doing a 3 day Pemi Loop starting this past Monday with overnights at Garfield Ridge and Guyot. Due to the weather I reluctantly decided not to go but after checking the MWOBS higher summits forecasts daily since Saturday it looks like I made the right choice. Even taking out...
  4. SherpaWill

    Post-knee replacement hiking ?

    I did the partials because the medial compartment was the only one in both knees that was damaged enough to replace. It’s a little easier to recover from and I still have 2/3 of both my knees. The partial is easy to transition to a full if I ever need that in the future. The first pic is my...
  5. SherpaWill

    Lincoln Woods project update...

    I bet it'll get use from the public in the Winter, unless they somehow remove it when the hut closes.
  6. SherpaWill

    Post-knee replacement hiking ?

    I'm almost 15 months post op from bi lateral partial knee replacement. I had no cartilage left in the medial compartment in both knees and it was getting to the point where the day to day stuff was getting laborious, never mind hiking. I was hiking locally after 6 weeks and hiked Zealand at...
  7. SherpaWill

    Lincoln Woods project update...

    It says in the proposal that the tent platform will accommodate up to ten overnight "volunteers". I'm assuming this is going to be for trail maintenance crews and the like and not open to the public.
  8. SherpaWill

    Lincoln Woods project update...

    Has anyone heard any updates on the Lincoln Woods Trail reconstruction project? I'm planning a Pemi Loop this June and while looking for info I came across this: Forest Service . I'm assuming this means that they're announcing their plans in July, instead of the original date which was this...
  9. SherpaWill

    Netflix has some new mountain movies

    The North Face has some great mini documentaries. The Denali Experiment Lhotse Down to Nothing
  10. SherpaWill

    Winter Hiking Season over before it started.

    That's great!! I'm four months post op from bi lateral partial knee replacements and I'm looking forward to my first 4,000 footer next month with new knees!
  11. SherpaWill

    Infinite Storm Trailer...

    How can we forget this one? I actually liked it. After my first White Mountains backpacking trip in April '92 this was the first thing we saw when got to our hotel in Lincoln and turned the TV on.
  12. SherpaWill

    Infinite Storm Trailer...

    You are correct. It was filmed in Slovenia.
  13. SherpaWill

    Infinite Storm Trailer...

    It was actually filmed in Peru and it looks like there's some major embellishing but I'm sure it's a well made movie. Seeing the PVSAR patch on her pack was pretty cool.
  14. SherpaWill

    Rescue in the great Gulf

    The article states she was hiking with her son, so why was he only in contact with her via cell? Was she lagging behind? Did he ditch her? Weird indeed.
  15. SherpaWill

    POLL: Your longest day?

    15 hours. April 1992. My first hike in The Whites. Day 4 of a hike that started on the Kedron Flume Trail. The weather went from sunny in the upper 50's to freezing snow/rain and high winds. We camped somewhere on the Twinway between Guyot and South Twin on day 3. We bailed on our plan to head...
  16. SherpaWill

    Dog Rescue on Mt Washington

    Sounds Like A Search And Rescue had a great Podcast about this last week that included a couple of people who helped out with bringing the dog down.
  17. SherpaWill

    Jigger Johnson

    I can remember reading a story about him years ago. He was visiting a friend, who I believe was Joe Dodge, at his cabin in a snowstorm. He was cold so he scooped the ashes to the side in the fireplace and sat down next to the fire to warm himself up.
  18. SherpaWill

    Owls Head river crossings...

    Thank you everyone for the input. I'm not familiar with the fisherman's bush whack. Whereabouts is that?
  19. SherpaWill

    Owls Head river crossings...

    Thanks. I’m assuming that the snow will be gone by Saturday too.