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  1. naturegirl


    Considering snowshoeing at Pawtuckaway this weekend. Does anyone know current trail conditions? Happy to take recommendations for other locations in NH with lots of fluffy snow and unbroken trails! Thanks!
  2. naturegirl

    Will Gadd @ Tufts
  3. naturegirl

    Map Questions

    I have the maps from Map Adventures and the Wilderness Map Company. I mostly use the one from Map Adventures as the other is a bit too busy and has smaller print. I also have the AMC maps but never use them.
  4. naturegirl

    Boston Beer Night - Tues Oct 19

    Beer Night See ya'll there!
  5. naturegirl

    Tunnel Brook Trail and Cliffs of Clough (30-Jun-2010)

    Tunnel Brook Trail... I hiked TDawg's route in the opposite direction back in May. The ponds on Tunnel Brook are beautiful! Fiddleheads and various flowers were in bloom on this trail...definitely heading back there!
  6. naturegirl

    Backpack Hip Belt causing Abrasions

    I am on the small side as well and have found that the Osprey packs work best as some of them have an extra small hip belt. The Xenon 70 is great for larger loads and very padded at the hip. The Aura also works well for me.
  7. naturegirl

    Training courses for Backcountry Safety

    SOLO in Conway NH is awesome and they have a great reputation. I got my WFR certification there...highly recommend taking the course on their campus.
  8. naturegirl

    Wildcats trail conditions?

    Any recent trail conditions for the Wildcats? Thank you in advance!
  9. naturegirl

    Do you hike in the dark?

    I love hiking at night and would do it more if I knew of others who were interested in going.
  10. naturegirl

    Summer Hiking Goals

    Summer Climbing Getting more into climbing and plan on heading out to Colorado to do some 13ers and 14ers! May also get out to California. Plan on doing more backpacking and joining some friends on a few AT sections and the Long Trail. Hope to make it to some peaks in Maine and possibly the...
  11. naturegirl

    Ammonoosuc, Crawford and Jewell Trail Conditions?

    Does anyone know the current conditions of the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail, Crawford between the hut and Washington and the Jewell Trail? Thank you in advance!
  12. naturegirl

    North Pole/South Pole presentation at Pinkham Notch Feb 20 Saturday

    Camping that night but may see you on the trails.
  13. naturegirl

    Banff Film Festival World Tour 2010

    Banff Film Fest... Hey all... I've got tickets for Monday and Tuesday at the Regent in Arlington. If possible, I may trade in the Monday ticket for Wednesday. Where are people meeting up prior to the screening?
  14. naturegirl

    Philipp Stölzl’s "North Face" movie review

    That may have worked had I not posted "after" the Cambridge screening. :rolleyes:
  15. naturegirl

    Philipp Stölzl’s "North Face" movie review

    The North Face Anyone interested in meeting up for the Cambridge screening?
  16. naturegirl

    Boston Beer Night - Feb 4th

    Boston Beer Night Drats :( ...I've been waiting for a Boston beer night. The 4th is the first day of a 9 day WFR course I'm taking at SOLO up in Conway. See you all at the next one.
  17. naturegirl

    Fitness levels and training (What the HECK!!?)

    Considering the original post of this thread was seeking advice about increasing hiking speed, I think cardio and endurance training are far more important and can be achieved by incorporating aerobic activities. For muscle endurance (sustaining muscle contraction over an extended period of...
  18. naturegirl

    Banff Film Festival World Tour 2010

    Banff Film Fest I'm going to the February 22nd and 23rd screenings in Arlington, MA.
  19. naturegirl

    Fitness levels and training (What the HECK!!?)

    Training... I train on stairs with a loaded backpack and do some weight training but have also always walked everywhere since I have never owned a car...and I walk a lot. I also do yoga. Pack weight is important for me since I'm 5'2" and about 105-110 lbs. Height can also affect speed on...