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  1. yardsale

    Sunday River WhiteCap (Maine) Day Hike Route

    Here's a solution, go in the winter when you will have zero impact on the landscape. There is actually good skiing on the north, and ne side of SRC and Slide Mt. The area gets more snow than anywhere else in NE except Jay Peak. I used to ski there all the time when I worked in the area. If...
  2. yardsale

    Daniels Notch near Smugglers Notch ski area

    I have a 1935 Edition of the LT guide that describes a Builly Farm trail leaving the LT at "the ruins of Gates camp, abandoned in 1931" and heading east then north to Johnson. There's an interesting archaeology project. Anyway, I'll bet the Daniels Notch trail ends up there. Anyone wanna go look?
  3. yardsale

    Daniels Notch near Smugglers Notch ski area

    Hiked this trail from the downhill area to Daniels Notch yesterday. Anyone know where it heads after gaining the notch? Might be an interesing circle hike to take this trail through the notch, head south to intersect the LT, take the LT south back to Smuggs and return to your car at the base...
  4. yardsale

    Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others?

    My wife and I can take the same hike and she will come home with angry red bites that itch for days whereas the itching in the one or two bites I do receive lasts an hour or two. Once again, winter rocks.
  5. yardsale

    Favorite lightweight fleece pants?

    These are poly, not fleece but Pat really liked their warmth and comprehensibility. Perhaps overkill for above freezing...
  6. yardsale

    Interesting article about Lightning

    I think those stats are probably meaningless as they don't account for the popularity of the various activities. A "deaths per hour of exposure" stat would be more interesting.
  7. yardsale

    Worst bug encounters ever

    Hi All, This thread illustrates another reason why WINTER ROCKS. You all might look into a Bug Baffler jacket I like them as they allow ventilation and don't diminish in effectiveness when you sweat. Not a perfect solution as some...
  8. yardsale

    Using a Hydration Bladder in the Winter

    Had a group member fall and burst his bladder on a ski trip in BC at -5F. Not only did he lose all his water but all his gear instantly froze rendering all his extra clothing useless. Had other group members not had extra water and gear, he would have been in real trouble. My water bottle with...
  9. yardsale

    New Product - Hillsound Freesteps6 - very similar to Kahtoola Microspikes

    I've looked at both. Each product fits a given shoe size differently. When correctly fit, the rear traction teeth are within 1/2 inch of the rear of the heel. An incorrect fit occurs when the device is stretched to its maximum length such that the rearmost teeth are as much as two inches...
  10. yardsale

    Trail on Dewey Mt. Vermont

    Four of us snowshoed (should have skied) up this mt. from the Overland Trail yesterday. Beautiful views of Mansfield and Sunset ridge. At the top we discovered a marked trail entering and exiting the summit, and an old summit register in a half liter bottle. Wondering where this trail begins?
  11. yardsale

    Death on Mount Washington

    I don't know the details, obviously but hiking Washington alone in winter seems risky to begin with.
  12. yardsale

    Bean's Waterproof Snow Sneakers

    I've had mine for 6 years or so. Comfy to 0. Bareboot on snow or with snowshoes. Comfortable, roomy toe box.
  13. yardsale

    Snow Shelters

    About two arm fulls per day. Just fire the stove evenings and mornings. Still makes for comfy quarters.
  14. yardsale

    Snow Shelters

    Here is a shelter IN the snow I happen to like.
  15. yardsale

    GPS: Do I want one with mapping?

    I have been using the 30 for about 3 months now. Operation is less intuitive than my old Etrex legend and took some time to figure out. The compass sometimes goes wacky and must be re-calibrated in the field. You will notice this when tracking to a way point as the direction arrow becomes...
  16. yardsale

    Icespikes - new traction aid

    The security of the screw in the shoe/boot may depend on the physical characteristics of the sole material. I have stabilicers and they have begun to loose screws--a very dangerous condition.
  17. yardsale

    Retiring to Maine?

    Bethel for an inland town. Brunswick on the coast.
  18. yardsale

    Plane wreck Mt. Cleveland, Vermont

    Single engine, dual controls side by side, low wing position.
  19. yardsale

    Plane wreck Mt. Cleveland, Vermont

    :confused: I used to live in Raymond.
  20. yardsale

    Plane wreck Mt. Cleveland, Vermont

    I was poking around in the Breadloaf Wilderness and found a small plane wreck about .8 miles off the Long Trail along the NE ridge of Mt. Cleveland. The plane had been gutted but the superstructure was in tact. Hopefully the pilot survives.