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  1. KRobi

    Water Levels, Discharge and crossings

    Very easy to follow except at a couple of water crossings but a quick survey will show you the way. Much more enjoyable than Iso East which was by far the worst part of a 22 mile day!
  2. KRobi

    Water Levels, Discharge and crossings

    To start, thanks again to those who responded. I used your info as well as others to look at dates to make decisions on crossings. Now that we have done all of these crossings I'll provide some data for others making decisions on when to cross. Of course, this data is only a snapshot and your...
  3. KRobi

    Water Levels, Discharge and crossings

    Hi All, Thank you for all the information. We are currently continuing to monitor all these locations. Our current July pattern of thunderstorms every other day makes the level predictions a bit trickier. We were able to take some dates that folks made the Dry River and Rocky Branch crossing(s)...
  4. KRobi

    Water Levels, Discharge and crossings

    That is the one, and we will do the one below at the Mt. Clinton, Dry River Tr on the way out. Thanks
  5. KRobi

    Water Levels, Discharge and crossings

    We are looking for information on a few specific crossings of rivers. Any information on your crossings at these trail points in regards to depth of water and discharge rate as well as possible rock crossings would be helpful. 1. Dry River, (two crossing locations) A. Dry River Trail to Dry...
  6. KRobi

    found pack cover

    Found a pack rain cover on the Dry River Trail (High end above Lake of the Clouds). If you lost one contact me.
  7. KRobi

    Trying to come up with something good to say about Hancock Notch Trail in summer

    Timing is everything! We did it in early July before all this rain and it was GREAT! Few bugs, even fewer people and great trail conditions. There is the washout from the hurricane(s) but was still easy to follow. Trail runners without a bit of water or mud on them. Saying this I saw enough...
  8. KRobi

    Oak Hill Concord NH trail question

    Received this information from the trail maintainer today. I am one of the trail maintainers at Oak Hill. As I understand it, the situation is that the land around the summit of Oak Hill is privately owned, and the land owners would like there to be just one trail to the summit (the trail under...
  9. KRobi

    Oak Hill Concord NH trail question

    Went over to Oak Hill in Concord (fire tower if you are doing that list) for a quick morning hike on a local trail. We went up Tower Trail to the fire tower and then came down the "loop" trail that comes off the top on the North side to connect back down to Tower Trail. The trail had a number...
  10. KRobi

    GPS Watch Question

    I have the Fenix 2 and have not had the issues you describe. My only issue is that the mileage recorded during a hike tends to be 15-18% higher than actual mileage. When I download the tracks on the computer it comes out right. This inaccuracy limits it's ability to be used to find spots that...
  11. KRobi

    Traveling Wth All Your Expensive Gear

    As thebigmo13 stated "I'm certainly no travel expert", but one tip that paid off big time was given to us by our very well traveled friends. Pack everything for at least one day of your vacation in your carry on (ours was our 33l backpacks). Because of thunder storms we just barely caught our...
  12. KRobi

    GPS found junction of Castle Ravine/Israel Ridge

    Found a GPS at the above location. If you can describe I can get it back to you. Krobi krobichaud61 at comcast dot net
  13. KRobi

    Things are heating up over ATV trails in Nash Stream

    The trail to South Percy was signed, and showed no signs of closure today.
  14. KRobi

    White Mountain Direttissima

    As always an awesome job. Congratulations!
  15. KRobi

    WMNF Forest Road Status

    It was open two Mondays ago when I hiked Pierce and Eisenhower. Came down Edmands and then the road. Would have spotted a bike if I had known it was open.
  16. KRobi

    First Winter Thru Hike of the 170 Mile Cohos Trail

    Here's a link to their video. Chaos on the Cohos Trail: A Winter Thru Hike. They sure looked like they had fun.
  17. KRobi

    Is there any place to buy WMNF Parking Stickers off I93 from 5-9pm

    This is dated 2014 and I could not find an updated list. Only place I see south of Plymouth is REI in Reading MA. Not sure if the new rest areas in Hooksett might have something.
  18. KRobi

    Longest you've driven for a hiking daytrip?

    Single day I believe is 310 to do Jay's from Canterbury NH. That weekend (Columbus Day Weekend) we finished the NE 100 Highest by doing Jays (310), home then down to Stratton (260), home and then on Monday up to do East Sleeper (163) for a total of 733 for the weekend.
  19. KRobi

    The Year in Review - Peakbragging 2015!

    Karen and I completed all the Belknap Trails to become Belknap Range Redliners. We also finished the New Hampshire Fire Towers list.
  20. KRobi

    Thoreau Falls Bridge Removal?

    Looks like the "hike" to the bridge took place.