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  1. injektilo

    10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 days and counting - Eclipse in Northern NH - Where you going to be ?

    I enjoyed the eclipse with the fam here in midcoast Maine. Took a bunch of afocal photos through my telescope. Here's one...
  2. injektilo

    Accessible Peaks in Western Maine during the Wintertime

    Bald Mountain in Weld is a great winter hike with a parking area on the side of RT 156. It's short, steep, and very open/exposed on top. Great views of Tumbledown, Mount Blue and the entire Webb Lake basin.
  3. injektilo

    Plumb Creek Plans in the Dustbin of History

    The Forest Society of Maine's statement for anyone who is interested... There's a decent map there too.
  4. injektilo

    N.E. Clean Power Connect in Maine - Should we care ?
  5. injektilo

    White Cap (100 Mile Wilderness) route recommendations

    You are welcome! The Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit was started last year so I was certain that all of their published info was current. Enjoy Whitecap!
  6. injektilo

    White Cap (100 Mile Wilderness) route recommendations

    I think this describes the current best approach to Whitecap... I know several people who have been in this way.
  7. injektilo

    A Thread About Favorite Mountains!

    I have several "favorites"...Little Jackson, Saddleback/The Horn, Abraham, anything in BSP. I'm quite fond of both Madison and Adams in NH. If I had to pick one though, it would probably be Bigelow Mountain. There are several varied approaches to a number of summits along the long ridge, not...
  8. injektilo

    No, pet dogs are not allowed in Baxter State Park.

    Her friendly demeanor and her support of people she meets have nothing to do with the topic. Routinely targeted in mean spirited ways? That's unfortunate but I've never heard of her until now and I'm certainly not being mean spirited for the sake of it. I posted an unbiased opinion based on...
  9. injektilo

    No, pet dogs are not allowed in Baxter State Park.

    Hmm... While I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt, her website says that the dog is a certified therapy and emotional support animal and that she is a mental health clinician. It doesn't require much brain power to reach the conclusion that the dog is likely used FOR her profession...
  10. injektilo

    Saddleback Mountain Sale Here's a little FAQ which was posted to Saddleback's Facebook page outlining some of the plans. Color me skeptical...
  11. injektilo

    Maine Woods National Monument

    An open letter from BSP to their new neighbors...
  12. injektilo

    Fire on Mt Abraham in Maine

    MFS posted some great photos to Facebook...
  13. injektilo

    Fire on Mt Abraham in Maine

    Sounds like they are starting to get it under control. There's a pretty dramatic photo in this article.
  14. injektilo

    National Park Proposal East of Baxter Heating up

    There have been two previous hearings. A small meeting with Millinocket officials in which most spoke against... which contrary to your comment on daytime forums, was held during the day. The larger forum held in Orono (later that evening I might add), in which around 1500 people attended, was...
  15. injektilo

    National Park Proposal East of Baxter Heating up
  16. injektilo

    National Park Proposal East of Baxter Heating up Contrary to what has been previously inferred, there is quite a bit of local support for some sort of park/monument. Given that the current proposal amounts to a minuscule...
  17. injektilo

    New Moosehead Area Trails

    Some new trails are being built in the Moosehead Lake area for folks who may be interested. Sounds like the start of several new non-motorized trails up that way.
  18. injektilo

    The Traveler Loop: Baxter's stunning alpine walk with very few visitors 9.15.13

    Nice pics and report! I've been up to Peak of the Ridges once and turned back due to horrible weather. The full loop is very high on my to do list. Kevin
  19. injektilo

    Backpacking on Tumbledown Mountain, Maine, 5/18-5/19

    One of my favorite places. I visit this area at least once every year. Nice photos!
  20. injektilo

    Barren Mountain Maine (AT 100 Mile Wilderness)

    Those undercast shots are very nice! This is an area I hope to get to this year.