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  1. dace

    The Vermont 4ks

    This is correct (I guess technically the LT doesn't summit Killington but it's close enough) and it's just over 100 miles from Killington to 108/Barnes camp in Stowe. Would definitely be a great highlight reel trip for someone who didn't have time to do the whole LT.
  2. dace

    Mt. Mansfield route

    The Haselton loop is great and gives you a mile or so on the open ridge up top. As others have mentioned there's one or two scrambly bits as the LT approaches the chin but it's pretty common to see dogs up there. Haselton coming down is likely to have a few stream crossings but no scrambles...
  3. dace

    VT5 / Vermont 4000 footers grid finishers?

    Good point about the 67x12 finishers, and also about mud season! This was something I realized a few months into the project over the winter and had to make a decision about. As the mud season dates change a bit year-to-year, I decided to continue with the project, hoping for favorable...
  4. dace

    VT5 / Vermont 4000 footers grid finishers?

    With this being my first post on VFFT, I want to start by thanking everyone who contributes to the content and upkeep on the site. Although I just got an actual login, the forums have been a fantastic resource that I've been using for years in planning trips around New England. I finally...