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    Best route up Northfield Mountain, Granville VT?

    Awesome thank you! The feedback is very appreciated.
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    Best route up Northfield Mountain, Granville VT?

    Hi all, I am thinking about doing a hike of Northfield Mountain also known as South Adams in Granville Vermont. I am wondering if there is a good place to park there in the winter on Route 100 or North Hollow Road. If there is anybody that has climbed this peak in the winter from this side of...
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    Hiking in Groton State Forest Day 1 (Signal Mountain, Silver Ledge, Big and Little Deer Mountains)

    Last weekend, I had the opportunity to do some hiking in the Groton area of Vermont. I had only hiked two peaks in that area before (Spruce and Owlshead Mountains) and jumped on the opportunity to climb some 3000s in the area. My base camp would be at Seyon Lodge on Noyes Pond. On Saturday...