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    Acadia Best day hikes

    You're right. Beehive is not closed for Falcons - Jordan Cliff is. Back to the original; question - the answer is going to be dependent on your definition of "day". Most of the obvious hikes and the ones described here, can be done in a few hours. So if you want longer you need to string...
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    Lou Whittaker passed away

    Not as well known but another iconic American climber, T M Herbert, passed recently.
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    Best campsite at BSP

    I don't think it is actually much of a change it all;. No change in policy regarding climbing - at least based on what is posted here. Most of the area climbers that are interested in doing that type of climbing are already well aware of its existence and the fact that it is mentioned on the...
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    Fatality on Mt. Guyot

    The Southeast Ridge has been soloed a number of times
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    Microspikes are wear items

    Snow shoes weigh more (then microspikes). A pound on the foot equals 5 on the back and so on and so forth. With microspikes (or crampons) you can be much more precise with your foot placement. If you have ever ce climbed (talking vertical ice here) especially with monos you will understand...
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    Microspikes are wear items

    Just as snowshoes are no substitute for spikes in many conditions. Reports advising either/or are typically written by inexperienced people. Using snowshoes for traction is inefficient. Sure leave them on for short stretches but far from ideal. For the record I love snowshoeing and am sad...
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    Hiker Rescue, Desolation Trail - "Frozen Feet"

    The white ones were what was used in aircraft during the Korean War. There were also black ones that were used by the ground troops. The black ones were a bit lighter and less clunky and technically not quite as warm - but plenty warm. Hiking crampons would work ok - more a matter of...
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    Mild Winters

    It has been statistically colder (and drier) in Boston through the first 1/2 of November. NOAA stats (columns are this year, average, difference, last year): DEGREE DAYS HEATING...
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    Black Mountain not opening for 2023-2024 season - Never mind

    For the history of the shovel handle alone its worth visiting
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    Solo hiking a badge of honor?

    You are both more likely do die from a lightning strike. Of course the odds of that are a lot less then dying in your car on the way to/from your hike.
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    How does Owl's Head in White Mountains look like an actual owl's head?

    The Arrow Slide on North Hancock is another that is fading into obscurity
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    Parking questions

    Differentiate between lots that are in state parks (Crawford and Franconia) and are on USFS land. The state ones are typically free (Live Free or Die and all that...). The "Senior Pass" is really just a Lifetime National Parks/Golden Eagle/whatever they call it now pass. Any one can get an...
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    Maine - Conservation easements have grown

    Even by your standards this is a rather dramatic statement. Do you have any actual citation to back this up?
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    Trouble on the Ridge (again).

    It would be nice to hear a "version" of the original rescue story from a first hand source. All the reports so far are from the usual sources well known for their holier then thou attitudes along with their biases and tendencies towards hyperbole. But it is entertaining
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    Sunset hikes, below 4k footers??

    I wasn't aware the earth was going to reverse its rotation. Amazing.
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    Colorado Alpine lakes

    Different parks have slightly different regulations - what is true in RMNP is not the same as Acadia for example
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    Colorado Alpine lakes

    Not quite a blanket ban - a bit more nuanced, But it is a pain when you want to hike with your dog,
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    Inferno Race this weekend

    No bike->hike transition point on Rt 16 just south of Pinkham with the current format. So your zoo phobia probably is unfounded.
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    Mt. Washington ascents?

    How low do you need to start from As mentioned the Harvard cabin winter caretakers climb alot. AMC croos at Lakes, OBS employees? Obviously some minimum threshold is needed