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    Total Solar Eclipse - April 8, 2024

    Anyone have a weather forecast a year from now? ...those living in the northeast know early April it could be 80 degrees or 30 degrees with a foot of snow blowing 😉
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    Thinking about changing shoes…

    I just purchased the Lowa Renegade GTX mid boot...the pair of Raichles I had since '97...I've yet to get out with the Lowa's...paid a premium for them so just hope they last as long as the Raichles....
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    How do we keep folks from hiking Saturday?

    -45 7:00 pm ...unbelievable !! ...hope they bundle up going outside tonight,anyone wanna bet we see -50 ?:)
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    Assuming you have power, keep an eye on the stream flow gages

    Over here Albany NY it's 47 @ 1:50 pm Buffalo is at out for the ice
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    Cog Rolls out big development plans near the summit.

    Fossil fuel power plants charge EV's ,there's something odd about that,can't quite put my finger on it. Earth had a long stretch before we humans appeared and apparently did fine.We did provide it plastic though,so there's that;)
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    Mt. Greylock

    Cheshire Harbor you best bet,the "easier" ones on the eastern side of Greylock.Over the years I must've climbed it well over 100 + times usually using the western side approach trails.Roaring Brook Trail is a nice meander along the brook before you start to climb,it's listed as strenuous...
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    Cog Rolls out big development plans near the summit.

    I don't know,not sure I can feel positive about this.Isn't the road and cog enough?I get we're in the mindset of "what's one more development gonna hurt".:rolleyes:14 million dollars is pretty optimistic by the owners and construction of the wastewater line will have a negative impact ...but...
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    New proposed Landfill in Dalton NH

    Are more and more recyclables just ending up in landfills?...with the trade war,China stopped importing plastics,our toxic crap too?..I recycle but often wonder what happens to it when the magic truck makes it all disappear :rolleyes:
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    Monadnock State Park And Parking

    I know they've been having issues with hikers parking on the shoulder of lake rd.for Pumpelly they want to limit parking altogether? i.e. issue a set amount of parking passes?.I know some complaints from lake residents about the increase of people using that trailhead should it...
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    Snowing out in Gorham

    I know Not New England but just checked the cam on top of Whiteface Mt. NY...snow is flying :cool::)
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    Lost the soles of his Boots

    Sounds like both were in over their are the only one that can take assessment of your abilities for a mountain hike.The soles of the boots coming off...well..can't really prepare for that but least know the condition of your gear :confused: As far as the GPS goes...nothing...
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    Controversy over logging in the Green Moutain National Forest

    I was just speculating that Vermont behind Maine is seeing and influx of people buying up real estate wanting to get away from metropolitan living.With this..the "out of staters" have an impact on local government and maybe see things differently i.e. logging)than what a life long Vermonter...
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    Controversy over logging in the Green Moutain National Forest

    "Seeing the forest for the trees" ....there can be a balance in forest management that benefits all...local economies,wildlife,environmental and recreation.Regarding the story linked,we hear from both sides,and they both have their merits but if we are to come any type of end result compromises...
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    Tropical Storm Henri

    The thought was the low pressure over Ohio valley would pull it more west.....eastern Mass,Rhode Island looks like they may get the worst of it....hopefully the brunt of it stays off shore.
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    Tropical Storm Henri

    Just about 10 years to the day when Irene hit......The rainfall amounts were crazy for parts of the Hudson valley,Catskills,ADK's.....20 inches!!!:eek:........our basement sump pump burned up, couldn't handle all the water. Right now the paths are looking eerily similar...let's hope for the best
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    Smartphones put hikers in danger. What a surprise

    Hope your not consuming the whole just under a 1,000 mg of sodium per serv. @ 2.5 servings per can...well, you do the math
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    Race the Cog A new Event in 2022

    Man!....I wish I could've gotten hold of some of those old RR ties:(....old growth yellow pine...those were slow growing trees and lived 400 plus ain't getting nothing like that today.
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    Dry out in the woods - Northern NH is in drought condition

    I don't know if there is any correlation but the past 5-10+ years it seemed a lot of the significant snows would track south along the coast.....
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    Dog Rescue on Mt Washington

    A big dog like that on that trail is just asking for trouble.....hiker not prepared and putting the rescuers and dog in a tough situation.Winston should at least get a scolding or something:rolleyes:....those volunteers were great to cash in his "what were you thinking" check which had...
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    My letter to Baxter State Park>>>>

    I'd think both states would have a prompt courteous interaction.... now,New Yorkers on the other hand.:D