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  1. arghman

    Appalachian Trail article w/ great photo of Franconia Notch,0,5988386.story Too bad there's not a mountain with this kind of view looking at Cannon Mt and Mt. Lafayette. (And too bad the article's about Tennessee.)
  2. arghman

    How is Success Pond road condition from the Berlin side?

    Success Pond Rd was ok (or at least no worse than its historical norm) but the spur road to the Success Trail trailhead is in fair to poor shape; vegetation grown in, ruts in the road are getting deep, and one sandy section of the road has a gully starting to form.
  3. arghman

    How is Success Pond road condition from the Berlin side?

    Title speaks for itself -- has the road been maintained at all? Is it still passable by "normal" vehicles (e.g. Toyota Corolla) from Berlin to the Goose Eye trailhead?
  4. arghman

    Jefferson Notch Road open?

    Is Jefferson Notch Road open? Last I heard (but that was a while ago) it was closed due to Hurricane Irene.
  5. arghman

    2012 Spring Wildflower Thread

    Rubus chamaemorus (cloudberry).
  6. arghman

    2012 Spring Wildflower Thread

    that's jewelweed (Impatiens capensis)
  7. arghman

    help! recommendations for water shoes needed

    I had a beloved pair of water shoes from EMS that have gone missing since last summer, so unfortunately I can't post a photo, just that they were low-cut red sport shoes I got maybe 5 years ago, with one of those elastic lace things. Now that I'm looking for a replacement, I can't find one...
  8. arghman

    beta on S. Presi Diapensia

    is the diapensia in bloom yet? From the highways nearby (haven't done any hiking yet) the snow cover in the Presidential range looks lighter this year.
  9. arghman

    2011 spring wildflower thread

    looks like a Pyrola (rotundifolia or chlorantha?)
  10. arghman

    That's NOT how you say it !!!

    Perhaps I should have transcribed the entry directly:
  11. arghman

    That's NOT how you say it !!!

    For issues like this, aside from talking to locals, turn to the Julyans' "Place Names of the White Mountains" with stress on the 2nd syllable? are you sure? That's unusual -- New England place names tend to be accented on the first syllable. Out of 259 townships in NH, all but three or four are...
  12. arghman

    2011 spring wildflower thread

    Lycopus americanus
  13. arghman

    success pond road status?

    Just as a reminder -- unless something has changed recently, the road is privately owned and maintained.
  14. arghman

    GPS or Map & Compass?

    I use, in this order: map (constantly) GPS (sometimes I might use this once on a hike, if I'm confused) compass (once in a blue moon; I haven't pulled it out of my pack in at least 3 years)
  15. arghman

    Camping Options close to Bangor

    I asked my sources about this and they suggested Paul Bunyan Campground
  16. arghman

    2011 spring wildflower thread

    Impatiens spp.: I. capensis I. pallida Oligoneuron album (upland white aster) This is a good time to post a reminder about IDing asters -- if you want ID help, when you're at the plant in question, take pictures of three things: the flowers and their arrangement w/r/t the rest of the...
  17. arghman

    2011 spring wildflower thread

    Aha, you were at a calcareous riverside seep. You folks in the CT river valley are lucky. :-) That's boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum)
  18. arghman

    2011 spring wildflower thread

    hmm, which state? in NH the blue closed gentians are Gentiana linearis / andrewsii / clausa. Probably linearis, probably not clausa (leaves would be fatter). I'm not sure about andrewsii.
  19. arghman

    2011 spring wildflower thread

    oog, no, you really need stems/leaves. the flower habit (wand vs. plume) just narrows it down to subsections of Solidago.