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  1. alpinista

    Old school VFTT

    I still have Timmus’ artwork! I display it at work. It’s traveled with me to new jobs in NYC, Atlanta, and now, Boise, Idaho. Good times on VFTT and in New England’s mountains!
  2. alpinista


    Thanks, everyone. Great beta -- as I grew to love and appreciate when I was more active on VFTT! I'm checking out the various resources y'all have recommended and I think I've plotted my first hike: it'll be a day hike to Horton Peak Lookout tower. Unfortunately there aren't any water sources...
  3. alpinista


    Thanks, Tim! I have missed getting out into the mountains! I just never wanted to venture solo in Georgia. But I feel safe enough to do it in Idaho.
  4. alpinista


    Thanks, Hillwalker! I’m actually living in Eagle! When you lived here, was there a go-to resource you used for identifying good trails, maps etc?
  5. alpinista


    Hey all, It's been such a long time since I tapped into VFTT and since I was a regular poster. Leaving New England a little over a decade ago took me away from my beloved mountains. But ... I have found a way back -- at least to an area with lots of hiking opportunities and mountain views...
  6. alpinista

    Benton Mackaye Trail, Section 2, North Georgia

    It's been so long since I tapped into VFTT let alone posted a trip report. There's a simple reason for that: I haven't really done any hiking since I left New England and moved to Georgia 7 years ago. I'm hoping 2015 marks a change in that regard and that I have a chance to get back into the...
  7. alpinista

    Should I Hike Solo?

    Thanks for the tips _ and the encouragement! I'll be sure to post a trip report with pix as soon as we return. I can't tell you how stoked I am to be venturing back into the woods and into the mountains. It's been too long. I did a gear check and shake a few days ago and feel as though I'm as...
  8. alpinista

    Should I Hike Solo?

    I haven't been on VFTT in eons -- nor done much hiking in the years since moving to part because I've not felt comfortable hiking solo here. The terrain isn't as rugged and so I've worried that invites more crazies to prey upon a solo female hiker. I may be completely wrong about...
  9. alpinista

    Cannon -- Flags on the 48

    SilentCal -- Thanks for being there to keep this event going even amid all the turmoil and adversity life has thrown your way. You are a true testament to someone who "gets busy living." It was wonderful to see so many VFTTers _ and truly memorable when the helicopter did its fly by not just...
  10. alpinista

    In the car again, to Carrigain for the finish

    Bobby, I so wish I could've been there for your 48th. We've done quite a few hikes together and your company always made the hike fun. You have gone through a lot to finish this goal and I'm so glad you're now part of the NH48 club! Now ... get started on the NE67 and try to get down South for...
  11. alpinista

    A 2G Loop 6/1

    Nice TR, Bobby! Glad to see you're still out there. I just wish I was gonna be around for No. 48! And thanks for the shoutout ... I would recognize that concrete platform/foundation on the top of Garfield anywhere! :D
  12. alpinista

    A hike up a monadnock -- but not that one...

    You are correct: There are indeed 40 6Ks in the Southern Appalachians. Ruh-roh: Another list for me to tackle! :D
  13. alpinista

    A hike up a monadnock -- but not that one...

    You're on. Seriously. It'd be great to hit the hills in north Georgia or in NC/TN.
  14. alpinista

    A hike up a monadnock -- but not that one...

    I'm definitely gonna start taking advantage of being so close to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachians _ and get my hikin' legs in shape to tackle BSP next summer. The biggest advantage of living down here is I can hike in the winter time without really worrying about snow and ice!
  15. alpinista

    A hike up a monadnock -- but not that one...

    It was a new one on me, fer sure!
  16. alpinista

    A hike up a monadnock -- but not that one...

    It's been way too long since I hit the trails. I've missed it but work and life and other fun (running half marathons, golf, roaming around the streets of NYC and the Deep South) has gotten in the way the past couple of years. The past year alone has been mighty busy between traveling around the...
  17. alpinista

    Katahdin 2009

    ALG Bob -- please count me in on your plans. I have the three Baxter peaks to finish to complete the N67 -- and time's awastin'! Those dates in July sound fine to me. The only caveat is that some news event _ like a freakin' hurricane _ could have me scrapping plans at the last minute. (That's...
  18. alpinista

    Fifth time's a charm...Adams 9/29

    Nice TR, Bobby. Loved the pix, especially seeing how the AirLine trail is faring. Even in the fog and clouds, it's beautiful terrain up there in the Prezzies, ain't it?
  19. alpinista

    Music while hiking

    I listen to my iPod when I'm out for a run but don't really want it when I'm out hiking. To me, hiking is all about the sights and sounds of nature, and I don't need that extra musical motivation to keep me going when I'm in the woods. It might be fun to have the iPod when I'm setting up camp...
  20. alpinista

    In need of therapy? Try Isolation

    Nice TR, Bobby! I had a similar experience with Isolation -- solo hiked it, reveled in the solitude and hiked faster than I normally do, that's how much of a rhythm I got into. Glad you were able to get out _ and still make it home in time to do the Dad thing!