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  1. ksearl

    Brandy Brow Hill - need information

    Hi Mike, I know this is an old thread but was curious if you ever did make it to the Brandy Brow Hill summit and if so, what was your route? Thanks, Karl
  2. ksearl

    Cannon Mountain via Hi-Cannon Trail - Tough and Rough

    Hi - We hiked Cannon via the Hi-Cannon Trail which was much tougher than I had anticipated. There's a couple images below of the views. A full trip report and set of pics are here:
  3. ksearl

    Crawford and Stairs

    Crawford is one of my favorite peaks and I don't feel like it gets enough recognition. Nice photos and report!
  4. ksearl

    South Bubble and Bubble Rock in Acadia National Park

    Thanks...I suck!
  5. ksearl

    South Bubble and Bubble Rock in Acadia National Park

    Hi - Took the kids to Acadia a week ago and hiked South Bubble, to Bubble Rock. It's really a great hike for kids as many of the Acadia mountains are. My full trip report and set of pictures is here:
  6. ksearl

    Catamount Hill

    Hi John - No graffiti that I saw on any of the boulders. It was a great, scenic hike all around! Karl
  7. ksearl

    Catamount Hill

    Hi Everyone - This is definitely not an epic peak by any means, but I was surprisingly pleased how nice the trail up to Catamount Hill in Bear Brook State Park was for younger kids. It gave you the feel of being on a mountain, but not too long for the kids to lose their attention. My four year...
  8. ksearl

    Mount Jefferson via Ridge of Caps Trail

    Hi RollingRock It was definitely a great that I hope to visit multiple times too! Karl
  9. ksearl

    Mount Jefferson via Ridge of Caps Trail

    Hi Everyone, I got out with a couple buddies last week to hike the Ridge of Caps Trail (Caps Ridge Trail) up Jefferson. It's the first time for me hiking a northern Prezi (not including MW). We were intimidated by the Caps from all the trail reports but found them to be a ton of fun. My full...
  10. ksearl

    Mount Kearsarge 6/6/15

    Hi Everyone, We were able to get up to Wilmont to hike Mount Kearsarge this past Saturday. We did so via the Rollins Trail from the south. It was a great hike because it was my son's first hike, my daughter's first that she hiked 100% on her own two feet (with Keenes) and my daughter's 5th...
  11. ksearl

    Caution for Warner Hill Fire Tower

    Hi Everyone, My 3 year old and I are working on the Tower Quest NH project and this past weekend we visited the Warner Hill Fire Tower in Derry. On the third platform up the stairs, we got massively swarmed by aggressive wasps. In an effort to hold her, run down the stairs and swat them off her...
  12. ksearl

    Armstrong & UWJ - 5/25/2014

    Great photos, Rob! The brightness of the blue skies are incredible! I love the first few waterfall pics too. I definitely need to get out there and check out the Adirondacks sometime! Karl
  13. ksearl

    Garfield 5/29/14

    Great pics. I always love the pictures of the birds. It's hard to get that camera out and focus it before they take off!
  14. ksearl

    Waternomee Falls, 5/18/14

    I think I'm more confused on which falls is Waternomee Falls after reading this thread!!! Here are a couple images of the falls near the trail up to the Bomber site that someone mentioned may be Airmen's Falls.
  15. ksearl

    Arethusa Falls / Frankenstein Cliffs Loop 05-19-14

    Cliffs from below Left: Hobblebush that hasn't bloomed on the Bemis Brook Trail Middle: Hobblebush budding but not bloomed on the Arethusa-Ripley Falls Trail Right: Hobblebush fully bloomed on the Frankenstein Cliff Trail This trend was consistent along the whole hike. Frankenstein Trestle...
  16. ksearl

    Arethusa Falls / Frankenstein Cliffs Loop 05-19-14

    Hi Everyone, My buddy Alex and I headed up to the Crawford Notch on Monday to do a 5 mile loop to Arethusa Falls and the Frankenstein Cliffs. It was pouring buckets in the Notch but we had a great time anyway. Below are some of my favorite photos. My complete trip report is here...
  17. ksearl

    Black Fly Schedule in the Whites

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate the input. I'm feeling a bit more relaxed about it now but will be ready for them regardless! Karl
  18. ksearl

    Black Fly Schedule in the Whites

    Hi Everyone, I haven't been hiking as much lately with a little one at home and one on the way. However, one hike I never miss is one that my buddy and I typically schedule in early May. We consider it a therapeutic hike...A way to get out of winter mode, forget the rat race and enjoy the...
  19. ksearl

    Welch/Dickey 3/6/14

    Awesome pictures and a better story! Looks like it really was a perfect day. I'm glad you got so much out of this hike (feeling that your hiking career will go on, minimal knee pain, great memories of Emma). And I'm shocked you did the loop without seeing anyone else. When I was younger, an...
  20. ksearl

    Mt Washington via Lion Head, 2/1/14

    Awesome pics! I love the glazed ice over the ravine! Thanks for sharing. Karl