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  1. Bobby

    Save the date: Pat and Audrey's potluck November 2

    has it been that long? Time to get in shape for this more, and drink more in the days leading up to it.
  2. Bobby

    Bonds Traverse Plus Zealand (it's in the way), 8/10/2013

    my pictures from the day
  3. Bobby

    Bonds Traverse Plus Zealand (it's in the way), 8/10/2013

    Nice write-up, Earl. Marty and I were happy that you could join us. We really did have a great day, except for losing my hat, which Marty won't ever let me forget. And I'm sure that by now we all know which peak is South Twin :) This was my first one-day traverse of the Bonds and it was all that...
  4. Bobby

    Bobby- serious news

    Just an update: Some of you have heard and others haven't, but, Tracie received a new heart in January, and is doing well. It was long ride but we got there. Thanks again for the love and support from this community, we deeply appreciate it. Hope to see you all on the trails, soon!
  5. Bobby

    2 rescued 8-27-11 on Washington at 9pm

    I don't know if it was part of an agreement due to the rescue, but one of the men who were rescued participated in Seek the Peak this past weekend.
  6. Bobby

    Third Time is the Charm

    Way to go Rickie!
  7. Bobby

    I need a ride

    Can anyone help with a ride from Lincoln Woods to Zealand early next week? Gas money included! PM me for day and time. Thanks! BTW - Zealand to Lincoln Woods works also if that's convenient for you
  8. Bobby

    beta on S. Presi Diapensia

    there were a few on Eisenhower last Thursday
  9. Bobby

    3,000 Miles and 1,000,000 feet - It's A Good Start, 6/30/2007 to 5/12/2012

    Wow! Lots of miles and uphills. Thanks for including me in a few of your trips. Keep it up!
  10. Bobby

    Lauky finishes winter 48 on Washington/Monroe

    That's just awesome, congrats Lauky!
  11. Bobby

    Cabot 1/28/12

    Mt. Cabot via Bunnell Notch, Kilkenny Ridge, Mt. Cabot Trail Date: 1/28/12 Trail Conditions: Previous tracks snow covered. Marty broke trail most of the way to the summit. An inch or so of powder over crusty snow, some unpacked snow under the crust. Nice track now after our out and back...
  12. Bobby

    Your Top 10 Photos of 2011...

    well, another year of fine photography. Thanks for sharing. I'll bring things down a notch with my attempts ;) In no particular order: Wagon Wheel in the Northeast Kingdom, VT BW shot in the Middlesex Fells Reservation, Medford, MA Lenticular clouds over Franconia Ridge, from Lonesome...
  13. Bobby

    Your favorite photo of 2011

    Wow...there are some awesome shots here. I'll throw this one in the mix. Morning sun over Franconia Ridge, with a nice lenticular cloud.
  14. Bobby

    Brutus – In Memoriam, 2000-2011

    So sorry to hear about your loss of Brutus. He seemed like a special friend, wish I would have met him.
  15. Bobby

    Congratulations to Bob Martin (WOLFGANG) on Grid Finish!

    Congrats Wolfgang!
  16. Bobby

    "Is it worth it?" My take on early season ice climbing.

    Hey Leaf, nice write up and great pics. Is it worth it? Well, I've been grounded for a few months now. The way I see it is that it is always worth it. It's what you do, what you enjoy, so it can never be a waste of time. Even if the conditions aren't what you want, you still get some...
  17. Bobby

    BeccaM finishes the Grid! October 8th

    Congrats Becca!
  18. Bobby

    Thanks! Yes, I am LE....25 years in Boston and still going!

    Thanks! Yes, I am LE....25 years in Boston and still going!
  19. Bobby

    New England Hundred Highest Finish, Chain of Ponds Snow, 9/13/11

    Congrats, looked like a great day :)