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  1. bcborder

    Sandwich Ridge Wilderness Overnight - Passaconaway, Whiteface and the Tripyramids

    Nice video. I came up Pine Bend Brook Monday and followed your tracks out Sabbaday Brook. It got pretty soft in the sun, unlike Pine Bend Brook which was a microspikes superhighway. I met a couple on Middle that was considering hiking your loop in reverse as a day hike. If they did hike it...
  2. bcborder

    Belknap Range Trail Question

    Open I hiked it May 2019 and it was similar to the other trails in the area, a little less visited maybe, and I can't remember if it was signed but it was easy to follow. What I hiked is called the "Marsh Crossing" on this map: My track...
  3. bcborder

    Winter Camping / Platforms in Mass

    There are several designated tenting areas along the Appalachian Trail in the Mount Everett State Reservation. I don't remember any platforms but you will have at least an outhouse. As you are in Massachusetts you will mostly be in the woods but there are nice views along the ridge, in...
  4. bcborder

    Walk In Sites In Baxter - Favorites?

    I very much liked camping at Katahdin Stream. We had a site right on the stream which was great. There's also good views of Katahdin from the open area by the parking. And, you're close to many of the great hikes on the western side of the park. For your wife, rent a canoe on Daicy Pond or...
  5. bcborder

    Adams, Madison via Airline, Star Lake, Valley Way, Sun Dec 6, 2015

    Sunday December 6, 2015 Trail Conditions: Airline: a couple inches of wet snow and ice below treeline, minimal ice above treeline, some drifting snow and a lot of rime near the summit. Star Lake trail: top section is pretty snowy, gaiters useful. Valley Way is mostly packed, wet snow. Special...
  6. bcborder

    East Branch / Slippery Brook Roads ?

    Saw this post from dated jun 11, Fragment: Valley Cycling Notes: My friend Mike Levine and I rode Town Hall Road on Wednesday. This is one of our regular rides that we do occasionally. It’s a great way to get ~16 miles of riding on...
  7. bcborder

    Grafton Notch, ME?

    Speck Pond worth the detour I did the Grafton Loop counterclockwise from the southern trail head fall 2009. Nice loop with a lot of interesting spots although there's a fair amount of woods walking. Most of the campsites are view less and not especially interesting. I was very glad I went a...
  8. bcborder

    Willey Range Traverse

    Crawford Notch Circumnavigation From your blog, it looks like you might be up for a little more mileage:). Willey Range traverse is nice. Even nicer is a complete circumnavigation of Crawford Notch via the Webster Cliff trail. And you can throw in Jackson if you want another 4000'!
  9. bcborder

    Baxter State Park Ranger Opening

    Baxter State Park has posted an opening for a ranger position on their website: Interesting list of supplemental qualifications on their application form.
  10. bcborder

    Garfield 3/8

    Mount Garfield via Garfield Trail Sunday March 8, 2015 Trail Conditions: Excellent snow shoe track all the way to the summit. Plenty of parking on US 3 on the shoulder. Water crossings bridged, a couple easy blow downs. A lot powder off the snow shoe track. The upper half of trail has a...
  11. bcborder

    Avalanche Brook Ski Trail

    light back country nordic skis From Pinkham, Avalanche Brook climbs something like 1000 feet to the Glen Boulder trail then descends 2000 feet to the Rocky Branch trail head. In either direction, there's a substantial amount of climbing and you'll want a setup that climbs well. I've skied it...
  12. bcborder

    Moriah via Stony Brook 1/17/15

    Lower half of Stony Brook is boot packed, choppy and somewhat annoying. The upper half has a decent snow shoe track with fresh powder and some drifting. The Carter Moriah trail north toward Moriah (the ridge) was broken out previously but has substantial drifting and a number of blow downs...
  13. bcborder

    Wildcat D and A, 11/29/14

    Saturday Nov 29, 2014: Trail Conditions: Skinned up Polecat on my split board. It's $10 for the Wildcat access pass. Crispy snow making snow on the ski trails, powder on the edges. Wildcat Ridge trail was not broken out. A foot more or less of new powder with some deeper drifts. No base...
  14. bcborder

    Canadian Hiker Shuttle Lincoln Lafayette Route

    Bus is better than cars It's a bummer getting stuck behind a large group on the trail. That said, way better for the environment that 40 people take a bus instead of driving 15 to 30 cars to the trail head. Buses are great for other people ;)
  15. bcborder

    Navigating Above Treeline In Winter

    waypoints at tree line I always want GPS waypoints on my GPS where the trail enters the woods at treeline for all possible escape trails. It's relatively easily to move off trail above tree line. It's very hard to get through the tress and scrub off trail below treeline. Out and back hike...
  16. bcborder

    Jackson via Webster-Jackson Trail, Dec 24 2013

    Trail Conditions: Hard frozen snow and ice. Below the Webster-Jackson trail split, it's mostly hard frozen snow with a couple ice flows. Above the trail split towards Jackson, there are a substantial number of long ice flows. Trail was packed out with snow shoes before the freeze so it's...
  17. bcborder

    Baldface Mountian Loop-overnight

    I have camped out off the trail in the col between North and South Baldface. There are several flat, sandy spots. There's also a lot of ledge. It will be easy to find flat ledge, finding a flat clear spot with enough sand or dirt to sink some stakes (if you need them) will be more work. As I...
  18. bcborder

    Sequester, government shut down and the White Mts...

    avalanche forecasts The Mount Washington avalanche forecasts ( are authored by US Forest Service employees. I imagine that some/all of them could be furloughed :(
  19. bcborder

    Rainier, Gannett, Granite - July 2012

    mountain trip I did the Denali Traverse with Mountain Trip in 2007 ( I had a very good experience with them and I recommend them highly. The trip was well run and safely guided. Very good food, nice group of clients, and the guides were great. If you're up for it, it...
  20. bcborder

    Hiking in Austria

    sun and rain Great shots! Thanks for posting. It looks like you got a mix of sunny days and rainy ones. I'd like to do hut trip in the Alps sometime but I've heard several trip stories of never ending rain.