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  1. wardsgirl

    Old tubbs TD 91 binding issues? NE I have a problem!

    Also, unfasten the straps that you have around the boot's ankle. Extend the straps to their maximum length and let them trail on the ground behind the snowshoe. Then, cross them behind the back of the ankle (the higher on the back of the ankle, the better) and bring the buckle ends to the front...
  2. wardsgirl

    adventure books for 17-yo girl

    A Woman's Journey Cindy Ross' chronicle of her AT hike in the late 1970s.
  3. wardsgirl

    WMG Redlining finish

    I loved the Ice Gulch for the fact that I saw 4 bears (a mom and 2 cubs, then another adult one mile later) on Ice Gulch Path! Very cool! But probably not a typical experience :rolleyes:
  4. wardsgirl

    WMG Redlining finish

    I think my favorite trail is Mt. Eisenhower Trail. When I tell people that, they usually agree, thinking I mean Edmands Path. But, no! Mt. Eisenhower Trail rises from the "Bermuda Triangle" of the Whites, that weird area at the base of Oakes Gulf, where many trails converge, and tops out in the...
  5. wardsgirl

    WMG Redlining finish

    FYI, I finished hiking all the trails in the White Mountain Guide today on Old Summer Club Trail. Also finished the 52WAV and T25 by default. 40 years of hiking, 30 years as a trail maintainer, it is a privilege to be able to spend so much time walking the trails of our forest.
  6. wardsgirl

    Concord, NH trails for day hikes

    Blue Job in Strafford/Farmington is right near Rochester. Also, you'll go right by Parker Mountain, if you take Rt 126 from Concord to Rochester.
  7. wardsgirl

    Solo hiking a badge of honor?

    If you see another person on a hike, it's not hiking solo.
  8. wardsgirl

    Sport bra alternative for winter hiking

    Yes, Shoe, that's probably the most feasible solution. Griffin had some good advice above with "once you find something you like, go back and buy several." I have 4 of the same that I use for hiking/backpacking. They are so old that the brand information is long worn away or washed away.
  9. wardsgirl

    Bear Cans required in WMNF - Did I miss this?

    I've been using a BearVault Solo for years. 2 pounds!! But well worth the weight because it's a chair, a drum, a washing machine, etc... And no crumbled crackers or cracked eggs. I love it!
  10. wardsgirl

    Mt. Tremont

    It's wonderful from Bear Notch Road. I saw a coyote before reaching Brunell Trail! In my opinion, the trip up from Owl's Cliff was much more preferable than the zillion switchbacks coming up from 302. -Edited to correct the name of the flying critter's cliff. Thanks Dr. D!
  11. wardsgirl

    This car has climbed Mt Washington

    A couple decades ago, I drove in an AMC van up to our trailwork location on Alpine Garden Trail and I noticed the van's dashboard was covered with the stickers 😆
  12. wardsgirl

    Hal Graham (Trailwrights, BRATTS founder) has passed away.

    Hal was very well known among trail maintainers. What a sweet request: "In lieu of flowers, take a day and do some trail work." RIP, Hal
  13. wardsgirl

    Black fly season White Mountains in NH

    If the weather is mild, I find that hiking with a headnet is unbearably hot. Most repellants are ineffective against black flies. It's best to cover as much skin as possible. Wear a headnet if you can tolerate it. Still, snacking and hydrating will inevitably expose some skin. Plan to inhale at...
  14. wardsgirl

    Who remembers Moss Tents and other innovators of the time?

    Spent many nights in a Moss Starlet. Also, when Ragged Mountain Equipment sold bags of scrap-sized fleece for $3/bag, I bought a few bags and made the kid a fleece suit of jacket, pants, hats, and mitts. He had every color and every size when he was a kid growing up hiking in the mid-90s.
  15. wardsgirl

    Gear: use it or lose it

    I once had a pair of the same (or very similar) Asolo boots. The soles looked like yours after only two wet seasons of use. Fortunately, this was back when LL Bean had an open time limit return policy. I exchanged them for a different brand.
  16. wardsgirl

    Important VFTT Announcement -- PLEASE READ --

    Thanks for all you've done, Tim! I hope to see you around the trails!
  17. wardsgirl

    Biggest Little Mt

    Great job, Grey J. As our VFTT family gets older, I suspect we will hear similar stories from our ranks. Your perseverance and your enthusiasm at climbing the little big mountain is inspiring!
  18. wardsgirl

    Mt Carrigain well water

    I drank from it some 15 or so years ago... no ill effects that I know about, but I probably wouldn't drink from it again.
  19. wardsgirl

    Weekend rescue

    Several years ago, I slipped (coming down Weetamoo Tr, of all places) and heard an audible snap when my ankle became injured. Hiking alone in the quiet woods, that SNAP seemed to echo through the forest. I may have said, "Well, that's not a sound I wanted to hear." Fearing a broken ankle, I...
  20. wardsgirl

    Moose are out on the roads in the whites

    That was 1993, when I was a trail adopter on North Twin Spur. What a mess!!