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    Acadia Best day hikes

    Acadia is great for bang-for-the-buck hiking. Almost every trail is well constructed, relatively short, with a bald summit and amazing views. You can link together a bunch of little mountains if you want a longer hike. Precipice and a few other trails are closed to protect peregrine falcons...
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    Berkshires to the Cape Bridle Trail

    Here is the full text: "FLIER PLOTS BRIDLE TRAIL Woman Charting Route From Cape Cod to Berkshlre• Speciat to New Yonk TIMES. LONGMEADOW, Mass., Jan. 23 —Airplane flights over Western Massachusetts are being made by Mrs. Victor H. Wesson or Long- meadow, vice president of the Connecticut Valley...
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    GAIA Acquired by Outside Magazine Organization

    I still use a handheld GPS in winter (with Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries) because I can use buttons with thick gloves on. Otherwise, Gaia on my phone is much easier and more flexible.
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    14 Peaks documentary is out today

    None of them were there the whole time, although a number of them did multiple peaks. Mingma Gyabu (David) Sherpa did a bunch and became the youngest climber to complete the 14 when they summited Shisha Pangma. Both of them also were in the Nepali crew that did the first winter accent of K2 in...
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    Best GPS for hiking ap for my cell

    Although I prefer to use a map, compass and altimeter to actually navigate, I always plan and track my hikes digitally and have tried a bunch of different apps. In my opinion, Gaia is the best. The one thing it does not do is load GeoPDFs, which you can download from USGS or the Forest Service...
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    South Baldface rescue - 3/23/2021

    I won't copy/paste, but he posted a first-hand account publicly on his Facebook page: Summary: - No snowshoes. - No headlamp. - Clockwise. - Had to backtrack from past North Baldface due to deep snow and uncertain dropoffs. - It was getting dark, so he had a...
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    Dalton Mtn NH - Landowner Request

    Someone linked to the "trip report" in the Facebook "New Hampshire 100 - 500 Highest Mountains" group. Phil responded that his route was not posted when he did it, but that it sounds like it is now and that people should contact the owner for permission in the future.
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    new snowshoes ?

    Covid-19 has caused both a supply chain issue and an increase in demand for outdoor gear. Depending on the conditions, I bounce between hiking, cross country skiing, biking and disc golf. All of these activities are seeing equipment shortages right now.
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    There's Gold in Then Thar Hills!

    I'll grant you that Millinocket is a big transition from New York, but the winters in Camden aren't scaring anybody and there are already plenty of galleries and places to get a latte.
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    Katahdin Woods and Waters declared a Dark Sky Sanctuary

    I stayed one new-moon night at Nesowadnehunk Field in Baxter last summer and was shocked with how easily I could see the Milky Way without magnification. I've never experienced that before in other "remote" areas of New England.
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    Hiker rescue on Mt Washington (was Scary.)

    Furness is a redline finisher. She posted over in the White Mountain Redlining Facebook group that she had surgery and is recovering.
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    Saddleback And Abraham In Maine

    The Wilderness Map Company publishes a nice map of the Rangeley region, including the 4000 footers. It does not include the 100 Highest "six-pack" just to the North. I haven't been up there in a few years, but I believe that you are still allowed to park at the Saddleback Lodge and hike up to...
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    171mph on Mt. Washington, Feb 25, 2019

    More evidence of strong winds on Sugarloaf:
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    Fatality on Mt Washington in Huntingtons Ravine

    Today's Boston Globe article fills in some to the details: He was climbing Central Gully with a partner and continued his climb when his partner turned...
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    WMG Online Shutting Down. Alternatives?

    Here is the previous thread on this topic. I've been very happy using CalTopo since it shut down.
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    WMG Online Shutting Down. Alternatives?

    I'm familiar with Caltopo and have used it a bit in the past to compare old maps and satellites, but I didn't realize that it's possible to build a track that follows trails. I just figured it out (using the "add a line" feature) and it's exactly what I need. Thanks!
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    WMG Online Shutting Down. Alternatives?

    I just received the following in my inbox: I'm going to miss the ability to select trails to build custom routes and export those tracks to Google Earth, GPS, etc. Are there other apps or websites that have this functionality?
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    Woman climbs tree to escape coyotes - Near Boston!

    I encountered a coyote last fall at the Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge. When it crossed my path, I was initially annoyed that someone let their dog off leash and it slipped silently into the shrubbery before I realized that it was actually a coyote. Evidently there is an established...
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    Hiking under the influence (of electronics)

    Earbuds are definitely a HYOH situation. I used to listen to audiobooks or music on my all-day solo hikes and found the connection between content and place really interesting. I can revisit a book or song and vividly remember my hike, or returning to the trail or peak might remind me of...
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    Ever Curious What Could Be Seen From Cleveland (Cleveland Mtn, that is):08-Apr-2009

    The town has a very nice property ownership map online: It looks like most of the summit area is owned by 576 Mt. Cleveland Rd., but there is a little box around the platform that is owned by "The White Mountain School".