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    Coreys Road December 14,2013

    Gate is closed. See DEC website for further information.
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    Coreys Road Closure

    COREYS ROAD will be closed September 9-11, 2013, for installation of a new culvert, about 1/2 mile from Route 3. NO traffic will be able to get through. There WILL be a pedestrian walkway. A fire truck will be parked on the cut off side before the work begins. Coreys residents can leave a...
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    Coreys Road March 11, 2013

    The gate is closed, and rightfully so. The road TO the gate is a rutted, slushy mess.
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    Colvin and Blake from Ausable Club Mar. 8, 2013

    The Lake Road has good snow cover, but is somewhat chewed up with snowmobile tracks. This could be pretty bumpy for skiing if it firms up over night. There is some smoother snow on the edges most of the way, though. The snow surface on the road was soft enough today that snowshoes were more...
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    Seward from Ward Brook Truck Trail March 5, 2013

    We made it to and from the summer trailhead in a Honda SUV with no problems. Snowshoes were the only footgear needed, all day. The trail to Blueberry Lean-to and the herd path has fairly good snow coverage, we followed ski tracks. The beginning of the herd path was well broken, accept for a...
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    Skylight via Marcy Dam Truck Trail, Lake Arnold, Feldspar Feb. 23, 2013

    Our party of three skied Meadows Road, the truck trail, and on to Avalanche camps, where we switched to snowshoes. Ski conditions were very good.The trail conditions for the remainder of the hike were ideal - soft packed to tree line, then crust on the final rocks. No ice. We met many other...
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    Seymour via standard herd path off Ward Brook Truck Trail Feb. 18, 2013

    Great day, beginning to end. Gate is open, road is recently plowed, no trouble going down or coming back up with Subaru. Parking manageable, too. This was a snowshoe hike, with broken trail the whole way. We also noticed the Seward trail appeared semi-broken, maybe 1-2 persons had gone up since...
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    Marcy via Van Hoevenberg Trail, Valentine's Day Feb. 14, 2013

    There's not too much to say because all conditions were great - beginning to end. We wore snowshoes all day. I guess you maybe could ski to Marcy Dam, if you were skilled and patient. There are quite a few spots with protruding rocks or roots. Beyond the dam remains, the snow coverage was...
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    Sawteeth via Weld Trail Feb. 10, 2013

    We donned our snowshoes at the gate house and never removed them until we got to the gatehouse on the way out. Others were skiing the Lake Road very successfully. The Weld Trail was perfectly broken all the way to the Gothics/Sawteeth Junction. Those ahead of us had gone to Gothics, but we had...
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    Jan. 19, 2013 Giant of the Valley, from Chapel Pond (Ridge Trail)

    This trail could benefit from two things: more snow, and less postholes. Today, we found the trail to be a rock-solid, frozen pock-marked path with 2-3 inches of fresh powder. That was soon packed and scattered by the many weekend hikers. Many areas of the first mile were almost bare, with...
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    Jan. 12, 2013 Saddleback from Garden, via Orebed Trail

    We opted to head right for the bridge by the ranger station, given the warm temperatures and uncertain fording conditions over Johns Brook and Orebed Brook. The trail was broken the entire way, and we had no issues at all with ice. The snow was soft enough that anyone without snowshoes was...
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    December 31, 2012 Colden False Summit via Lake Arnold

    Our party of three found the trail from the HPIC well packed. Beyond Avalanche Camps, it was softly broken, but by the time we descended, skiers had packed it nicely. We were turned back at the false summit by fierce winds, kicking up blowing, blinding snow. We could not see anything at times...
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    Glad to see you are home, I hope you didn't get too cold. The leader of the hike I was supposed...

    Glad to see you are home, I hope you didn't get too cold. The leader of the hike I was supposed to go on said she wore more clothes than ever before! But they got both Jaws. You are a house GHOST, not a house guest. I never heard you in the kitchen or on the stairs or anything!
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    Sananoni (part way) 12/20/10

    This trip had to be aborted part way up, but not becasue of conditions. Here is what we found: The road was well packed today, by previous considerate hikers with snowshoes. (Someone had signed in for Santanoni on the 18th.) The trail to Bradley pond - likewise. Well packed, but not enough base...
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    Phelps 12-11-10

    Our party took the standard route from the HPIC. An ADK employee inside thought that snowshoes would not be necessary, and he was right, but we still carried them, just in case. What we found was increasing amounts of snow on the trail, all broken, but not so deep as to be post-holed. We all...
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    Coreys Road

    The gate is open.
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    Porter from the Garden 4/3/10

    Trail Conditions Garden to Little Porter - patchy ice spine, used Stabilcers/Microspikes (keep reading). Little Porter to Porter summit - snowshoes for wet, wet, wet granular snow with patchy dirt and rocks. Porter back down to Little Porter - Even wetter , still snowshoes. Little Porter to...
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    Panther-Yes, Santa-No March 8, 2010

    Trail Conditions The road was rock solid packed snow in the early morning when it was below freezing. Bare boots here were fine. The marked trail soon became soft packed, as the temps rose. We chose not to add to the multitude of deep postholes already present, and donned our snowshoes. We did...
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    Coreys Road Gate 3/3/10

    The gate near the Raquette Falls Trailhead is closed.
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    Hi, Actually I am not officially working on winter 46, but a friend from PA is, so he stays at...

    Hi, Actually I am not officially working on winter 46, but a friend from PA is, so he stays at my house and I tag along on his hikes (safety in numbers.) Haystack is the one I find daunting. Made it over the top and halfway down Little Haystack this year, then chickened out. But I just like...