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  1. NHChris

    EMS Sold -- Again

    W Leb is a high revenue performer in the EMS system, as is Portsmouth. My guess is Concord NH or possibly N Conway. When I worked at Portsmouth we got two trucks a week from the Meriden warehouse. With layoffs pending there wonder if they will retain enough staff to keep supply chain flowing...
  2. NHChris

    EMS Sold -- Again

    When I lived in southern CT in the early 70s we went to the Ardrsley NY store. It was a gear goldmine and fun place to shop. Will always be a warm place in my heart and memory for the chain.
  3. NHChris

    Local Climber Dies in Gym Fall

    Al Hospers' newsletter says the climber was setting routes in the gym. He might have been an employee, thus the OSHA presence post fall. The highest walls at Vert Dreams are 50-70 feet and do not provide auto-belay systems. So possible a belayer mistake, anchor failure or pilot error on his part.
  4. NHChris

    EMS Sold -- Again

    I was in the Portsmouth store in mid-April and was surprised ti see no Spring / Summer gear on display. It looked like they were still in deep winter mode. Made me wonder.... The Meriden CT facility is the central warehouse that dispatches trucks to all retail locations.
  5. NHChris

    Local Climber Dies in Gym Fall

    Here's a strange one. A well known NH climber fell tell to his death in a rock gym. Vertical Dreams in Manchester was the scene of the accident and fall was 50-60 feet.
  6. NHChris

    Mt Major - Major Trail work and limited parking for the next 12 weeks

    The worst erosion occurs where the trail traverses a gravel bank just beyond the parking lot. A very unstable subsurface to begin with and active watercourse. I hope they hardscape or pave that entire section. The road walk is not in bad shape considering the use it sees. Several eroded...
  7. NHChris

    how much fun are group hikes?

    I enjoy both and I think each has its place. Never say never.
  8. NHChris

    Wapack trail Watatic to Windblown ski are NH 9.2 miles. The best laid plans of mice and men.

    Did you need to render any first aid to keep her mobile?
  9. NHChris

    Ultra Runner Search and Rescue in the Pemi

    I think his assumption was he'd be doing a day light run and out by dark, which he almost was. As usual, best case assumptions can be a problem.
  10. NHChris

    Ultra Runner Search and Rescue in the Pemi

    I 'm surprised this thread has not discussed the dreaded SOLO aspect of this event. Maybe we've gotten over that? Should all all solo adventurers be required to carry a SPOT--like device, else deemed irresponsible? (11th essential:!)
  11. NHChris

    Lost Hiker - Crawford Path Parking lot

    April in Cambridge and April on Mount Adams are two very different worlds. The shoulder seasons kill.
  12. NHChris

    Adirondack Forest Ranger Robbi Mecus died while ice climbing in Alaska

    I looked at the Escalator route she was doing and it is unrelenting steep ice, snow and rock. Very demanding and not heavily traveled. A terrible loss for the ADK SAR community.
  13. NHChris

    Ultra Runner Search and Rescue in the Pemi

    A very plucky 60 year old! Next time a backup light source.
  14. NHChris

    Mt. Israel with a side trip the Beede Falls.

    Here's a link to the Bandit's website where you can access free downloads of his maps.
  15. NHChris

    Mt. Israel with a side trip the Beede Falls.

    Bandit's map is still the best reference for area trails as it covers routes on both public and private lands. In my experience trails are accurately located on Gaia GPS and usually well maintained and blazed. All trailheads are accessible, some with minor restrictions. For example, parking...
  16. NHChris

    Mt. Israel with a side trip the Beede Falls.

    Castle in the Clouds does provide a restaurant and a bar and its a cool place for a post-hike hydration session. If you use FB search for "Ossipee Range Hikers" page. Lots of trip reports and trail beta you will find useful as you explore the area. There are patches and certificates for...
  17. NHChris

    Mt. Israel with a side trip the Beede Falls.

    Hey Sierra, ever done Kearsarge South? Like Monadnock another nice open summit in the "Earlier Spring" zone.
  18. NHChris

    Dolley Copp/Pinkham B Road still closed

    Any reports on condition of the Zealand road? Is the paved section open to the campgrounds?
  19. NHChris

    Number 5 mountain, 21 April 2024

    Good for you!! Sounded like a nice hike in "spring" conditions. (a little bit of everything!) Is the fire tower open?
  20. NHChris

    Spring Issue of NH Chapter Newsletter

    Here is a link to the latest NH Chapter newsletter. Interesting articles, very nice artwork and fun reading about some White Mountain place names.