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  1. mahony

    SAR Discussion -

    I appreciate all the replies. This was a camp group that I was not in charge of, and as mentioned by some here, lack of leadership was a significant factor in what happened. I have some planning to do to make sure this doesn't happen again.
  2. mahony

    SAR Discussion -

    I was at the back and I remember him catching us at the very end. Thanks for coming out that night.
  3. mahony

    SAR Discussion -

    By myself I probably would have done the same as you; however, if I saw you on the trail in that condition I would have gone to get you some help and not felt bad about it.
  4. mahony

    SAR Discussion -

    A reasonable point...but I brought him over the summit because it was the shorter trail back to the vehicle and he was moving along the trail slowly, but steadily. If when I met him he was already "stuck", I would have gone down Beaver Brook Trail as the shortest option to a road.
  5. mahony

    SAR Discussion -

    I considered writing this immediately after the event, but I wasn't sure I should. This seems like the best forum so here goes..... I have been hiking most of my life from Boy Scouts until now. I have hiked all over the world, solo and in groups, winter and summer. I have made some bad hiking...
  6. mahony

    The Next Big Accident Generator?

    At the summit of Lafayette
  7. mahony

    Favorite Ponds in the White Mountains

    Carrigain Pond....cliffs and active beavers "pond" in lost pass - great place to sit on the shores in the tall grass and soak up the sun
  8. mahony

    what [I]is[/I]it?

    Evidence Aha, now we have evidence that Becca went around it and not over under through it! What that means....I haven't a clue. I would guess that it is meant to prevent "vehicles" from passing. I'd hate to take a wheelchair on that path and then suddenly find myself rolling out of control...
  9. mahony

    Another Rescue - Mt Madison

    Glad you are OK If Bill remembers correctly that part of the trail is fairly big rock hopping...glad John is home safely.
  10. mahony

    Mid-State/Wapack Trail Question

    Some ideas Mt. Manadnock is crossed bythe Metacomet Manadnock Trail which connects to the Tully Trail in Royalston MA. Now there are several WMA's and conservation lands between the Tully Trail and the Midstate trail where it goes near Ashburnham MA (through Ashburnham State Forest). This is...
  11. mahony

    Sawyer Mountain 12-29-10

    Broke trail through less than 1 foot of snow. Moved a couple of small blowdowns and there were no major ones. The trail was well marked with wooden signs and signs prohibiting ATV's and snowmobiles (unlike in past years) so the trail was unconsolidated.
  12. mahony

    Let's Discuss Traction Aids

    Traction update Got to use the Mil-Spec spikes to climb Mt. Washington last week and they worked quite well. The traction on the glare ice at the top of Lion's head (with 50mph winds) and on the steep rock just below the summit was excellent. The snow was drifty and deep in places and the...
  13. mahony

    Mt. Washington via Lions Head (summer route) 12-23-10

    Summer route is still open. Tuckerman ravine trial to the shelters is snowy with ice underneath. Lions head was snowy with bare ice along the head....winds were blowing and taking any snow over the edge into the ravine. Tucks up to the summit was deep snow alternating with 1 inch of glazed ice...
  14. mahony

    Monoosnock Trail and Leominster State Forest 12-20-10

    Frozen ground throughout, but the previous rains and wet ground have produced frozen and crystallized structures that break down under weight. While not difficult to walk on, occasional "postholes" can lead to turned ankles. Also many sections of the trail are frozen waterways and traction or...
  15. mahony

    Bay Circuit Trail 12-15-10

    Hoofed the trail and back from Route 20 in Sudbury through Callaghan State Park. Blazing was great from Route 20 until crossing over to Gibbs Hill in Callaghan and then nothing until the backside of the Hill...odd, but not hard to follow the trail and pick it up again. Path was well cleared...
  16. mahony

    Your Top 10 Photos of 2010...

    My top 10 This seems like fun and provided a nice retrospective of the hiking I got to do this year..... 1) A beautiful night near Carrigan Pond and a great morning shot of Mr. Beaver in the pond. Only the beavers around to make any noise. 2) The big falls as you head up Bennett St Trail...
  17. mahony

    Wells State Park 12-14-10

    Redlined all of the trails in the Park. no blowdowns and trail was frozen, but mostly dry everywhere despite the recent rains. Nice views of the Mass Pike at the South End; a little quieter and nice views from the overlooks.
  18. mahony

    Winter in the Whites and being prepared

    Gear Training Lending your gear is very nice, but of all people, I would think that a thru-hiker would know that you don't know what will work for you in a new situation until you are there. When I bring new gear I usually bring my old gear, just in case. Lent gear is even worse; it isn't...
  19. mahony

    Otter River State Forest 12-1-10

    edit: "Uhhhh looks like I oopsed here. The hike was in the Birch Hill Wildlife Management Area, which is near Otter River, but not the same....all of the comments still apply though" Trails looked pretty good, wet of course because it was raining but not muddy. The North East trails were a bit...
  20. mahony

    Wachusett Meadow and Little Wachusett 11-18-10

    Foliage has turned (no surprise). Trails were still in good shape depite all the rain (very little mud). Bushwhacked the beaver ponds over to Little Wachusett. Momma and Baby Moose were in there somewhere. Surprising amount of bear poop too.