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  1. Quietman

    Tops of boots above ankles wearing out

    Amazon Barge Cement Tube
  2. Quietman

    Tops of boots above ankles wearing out

    I had worn out the fabric in the heal area in several pairs of shoe and tried using fabric glue to attach a new layer of fabric over the area, but this also wore out rather quickly. Then I remembered that I had a large section of tanned dear hide, so I cut out a matching area and used Gorilla...
  3. Quietman

    Columbia Endurasole (formerly Montrail) heat moldable inserts no more

    I have had various versions of Sole Heat Moldable Insoles for many years. Bought 4 sets when they changed the graphics for $25 each last year and still have 2 unused. They are firm, but provide great support. Completely solved my plantar fasciitis issues. From what I recall, they are very...
  4. Quietman

    Southern Whites Loop with 11 4K Summits

    Very nice write-up, it was a good read and well illustrated with the pictures!
  5. Quietman

    Biggest Little Mt

    It is amazing that hiking is such major motivation for so may who suffer situations like yours. It is a good thing to have a goal to strive towards and push for, and hiking if pursued in measured goals is a target to strive for. Hope that there are many for hikes in your future!
  6. Quietman

    Sleeping in cars allowed at Lafayette Place?

    What is stopping a place like the former Lowes store(just for an example) from charging people $10 a night to allow them to sleep in their cars overnight, and have a couple of porta-pottys behind the building. It's private property...... Just throwing it out there.
  7. Quietman

    South Moat - Pretty pokey

    I have used Sole heat moldable insoles for may years now, and they have been great. These are available in 14 wide, and are trim to fit.
  8. Quietman

    Its that time of year again - Tick Season

    I am sure that is what happened to me quite a few years ago on a hike up S. Pack. I did the hike up S. Pack before work and had way more than 20+ nymphs on my legs and pants when I got to my office about 2 minutes away. I was so jumpy for the next few days whenever a felt a twitch, that I...
  9. Quietman

    AMC asking for donations

    According to Charity Navigator, John Judge who is the current president and CEO makes $293K.
  10. Quietman

    If Washington was another 1000' would it be glaciated?

    There is ice in the caves in King Ravine that is there year round. Underground glacier?
  11. Quietman

    The Cog is in the news again for potenitally unpermitted building

    From the auto road site: CAN I PARK ON THE SUMMIT OVERNIGHT AND HIKE TO THE LAKES OF THE CLOUDS HUT? Yes. You are required to alert the attendant at the Toll House that you are going to park overnight.
  12. Quietman

    Bugs In Southern NH

    Hiked S pack yesterday and took the time to prepare with lots of bug spray, but was amazed that there were no black flies or mosquitoes. Even the dreaded eye nats were non existent. Anyone else experiencing the same? With all of the recent wet weather, I was expecting worse.
  13. Quietman

    Don't Ignore The Symptoms Of Heart Issues!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Hillwalker!! I went for a 1 mile road walk yesterday with some hills, and for the last 6 months, I was breathing really hard during the walk. Yesterday was a mind opener as to how much better things are as I never had to even pause for a break. Today I was up on the roof multiple...
  14. Quietman

    Don't Ignore The Symptoms Of Heart Issues!!!!!!!!!

    I arrived at CMC yesterday at 9am, was taken down to the procedure room at 12:30, was back in my room at 1:30, and was home at 7. They found that my main(right) cardiac artery was almost completely blocked, but were able to place a stent and open the artery back up. The xray images are cool and...
  15. Quietman

    Don't Ignore The Symptoms Of Heart Issues!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Finnski! And your 1st post at that! Nope, I'm having everything done at New England Heart Institute at CMC in Manchester. From what I've been able to gather, they are the best in the area. I know that CMC has a satellite office at Monadnock, but if something goes south, I want to be...
  16. Quietman

    Don't Ignore The Symptoms Of Heart Issues!!!!!!!!!

    So I had the stress test and nuclear imaging done, and I have one partial blockage. Went back and forth with the cardiologist and decided that since imaging doesn't show all potential blockages, we will go ahead with the cardiac catheterization and if there is only one blockage, he will insert...
  17. Quietman

    Don't Ignore The Symptoms Of Heart Issues!!!!!!!!!

    Great info here. 10 years ago my father had 6 bypasses done at the same time and he is still doing good at 86. I never realized that genetic predisposition is such a large factor. Thanks for all of the information. My stress test is scheduled for the 24th. Hoping that a stent or 2 will fix...
  18. Quietman

    Don't Ignore The Symptoms Of Heart Issues!!!!!!!!!

    This thread was prompted by reading of the passing of member Paradox. I only wish that I could inspire as many hikers as he did. I hiked Skatutakee in NH last weekend and felt out of sorts. Had to stop a lot and catch my breath. Never happened to me before. Took a few walks earlier this...
  19. Quietman

    Appalachia Parking Area - The New Lafayette Place?

    The small lot for the East Royce Trail in Evan's notch was full yesterday, never seen that happen before!
  20. Quietman

    Balsams Update - Go Big or Go home

    Ok, I'll simplify. I don't trust Les with $28 million, and the layout for the resort is lacking any serious vert that would entice skiers to drive 1 1/2 hours north of 93 or 1 hour past SR on 2 lane twisty roads in winter. Gee, why wont a bank lend him the money unless the state guarantees...