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  1. DrewKnight

    How Much Snow?

    7" in Waterville Valley by Sunday AM It's consolidating now under a cold sun, and plopping off the spruce trees as it warms. Lighter, fluffier, and less abundant than in SoNH, so we had no power outages at all up here.
  2. DrewKnight

    WMNF Forest Road Status

    Mohamed, we cut out at Osceola View, so we didn't get up that high. My experiences on backcountry dirt roads over the last week would suggest you're right on, though. Gravel, well-drained areas are fine, but sandier, loamier stuff is one big lengthwise squish-trap right now. A relatively dry...
  3. DrewKnight

    WMNF Forest Road Status

    A cautionary tale... Open isn't always open... Went for an early mountain bike ride with MFurgal64 this morning. The shuttle route took us a mile up the Tripoli Road, past the gate on the Waterville End. Somewhat to our surprise the gate was wide open. We both commented on it then rode on...
  4. DrewKnight

    Interesting Coyote Article in NYTs

    Definitely... I have noticed that the coyotes I see in the Whites are considerably larger than the ones I occasionally glimpsed in Hingham, MA, which in turn were bigger than anything I have ever seen out west (Joshua Tree, or even up north in the Grand Tetons). The relative sizes, to me, have...
  5. DrewKnight

    Heavy Rain Forecast

    FWIW... hard rain and occasionally gusty winds last night in the Southern Whites. The small brook in my back yard (@ 1,600 feet in Waterville Valley), which was nearly dried up earlier in the week is flowing steady-strong again, but nowhere near "flood stage". There were several small trees...
  6. DrewKnight

    Sounds you love in the woods

    Cool thread. Rattle of dead oak leaves in the wind late in stick season. Crunch of mountain bike tires rolling over frosty ground and dry leaves (once tried riding with an iPod on... couldn't do it. I realized how much I count on auditory feedback). My daughter's voice keeping up a constant...
  7. DrewKnight

    Another sad story from the Whites

    I meant no disrespect by that -- I hope I am as active and mobile as you when I am in my 60s and 70s... it was more the observation that my dad, who was very active and "with it" till he was about 82, went on a steep decline curve, down a road he didn't want to travel. In the end I guess they...
  8. DrewKnight

    Another sad story from the Whites

    Respects to this gentleman and condolences to his family. Having watched my intelligent, vibrant, engaged father wither away over the course of the last year before passing on in a nursing home (a place he never, ever wanted to be) in July, count me in the "go on the trail" category. I have...
  9. DrewKnight

    Missing elderly woman suffering early Alzheimer's

    If you have time today and are in the mountains, the Waterville Public Safety department is asking for volunteers to assist in the search. I can't think of a better qualified crew than VFTT faithful.... The rally point is at the Waterville Academy building on Boulder Path Rd at the base of the...
  10. DrewKnight

    Tripyramid slide loop...trailhead "accomidations"

    Expect SAR activity at Livermore trailhead tomorrow Agree with all that's been said about easiest way in (exit 28, right on Rt 49, 13 miles to left onto Tripoli Road -- follow signs toward ski area). In terms of camping, especially coming in after dark -- there are two campground options on...
  11. DrewKnight

    Why the clear-cutting on I-93?

    In some cases, they have cleared the entire median (an area, in places, at least 50 yards wide). In others, they have cut back a good twenty yards beyond the previous clearance. In other places still, they haven't cut much or at all. I think your 'highway engineering clearances' theory has a...
  12. DrewKnight

    Snow's Mountain (Waterville Valley)

    Date of Hike: 5/18/10 Route: Snow's Mountain Trail - South Loop (WVAIA) Trail Conditions: Numerous blowdowns, track hard to follow for first half-mile. Conditions better higher up. Special Equipment Required: None. A few lazy blackflies, kept easily at bay by my BuzzOff shirt and hat, and a...
  13. DrewKnight

    Big Daddy lives...2010!

    Very cool, thanks, Patrick. Always good to see old friends... I was pleased to see the young cow my family has named "Charlotte" back in her local muckhole two weeks ago, too. We've watched her grow from a yearling to full-grown over the past couple summers, and it's still a thrill to see her...
  14. DrewKnight

    EMS not standing behind their products

    Ditto, ditto, and ditto... I think you bumped into a zealous store employee who can't see the customer forest for the defective product trees... as someone else said, I have had the same experience at LL Bean Outlets (defective bite valve on a hydration pack -- ended up more like a trail...
  15. DrewKnight

    Goodrich Rock Trail (Waterville Valley)

    Date of Hike: 5/15/10 Route: Livermore Road to Greeley Ponds Trail to Goodrich Rock Trail (WVAIA) Trail Conditions: Trails in excellent shape -- numerous blowdowns cleared, track mostly dry. Special Equipment Required: None. Not even bugspray was required on this cool, cloudy afternoon...
  16. DrewKnight

    Snow Elevation in Central Whites?

    TEO -- down in the southern Whites, the snowline is pretty high and rising... from my back window, there are only vestiges of piles where the man-made snow is deepest on Tecumseh. Silverfox reported an intermittent monorail and some summit slush on Tecumseh Tuesday over 3000 feet. Peakn...
  17. DrewKnight

    Does anyone know of any hikes that include a ghost town?

    Came across a gallery of photos of the town of Livermore in its prime I remembered this thread from a couple years ago... have been meaning to get up to the Sawyer River area to check out Livermore. This gallery provides some interesting context, if you're thinking of heading there too...
  18. DrewKnight

    SNow or lack thereof 1_26_10

    Unfortunately, no, at least not in the Southern Whites... freezing rain overnight Sunday, changed over to hard, wind-driven rain during the day Monday in Waterville Valley (1600 feet). End result was dramatic "consolidation" of the snowpack, and a lot of bare spots in sunny/exposed areas. In...
  19. DrewKnight

    New world record recorded wind speed

    Tom, I think I have already seen that MWO "qualification" in use... "highest straight-line wind-speed", probably in response to this or other cyclonic events. Kind of like "Mt Washington is the highest peak east of the Mississippi and north of the Smokies". Pretty soon we're going to sound...
  20. DrewKnight

    Tecumseh skin up, ski down?

    I would agree with everything MadRiver said, but I wonder why you're not considering going up the Mt. Tecumseh Trail, then skiing down the ski area slopes? I do occasionally see people snowshoeing or skinning up, but as several people have suggested, doing so on closed trails will be a lot...