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  1. The Unstrung Harp

    Heel blister problem

    Blisters are such a drag, sorry you are dealing with such things right before your time in the Whites. Sometimes it is not worth the struggle and you may need to start over with boots that simply fit you better. However, don't do that until you've tried every combination of socks you can find...
  2. The Unstrung Harp

    Lost leash for ice ax, royal blue nylon on steep section on Passaconaway Cutoff

    Hate to be a litterbug, please snag it if you see it!
  3. The Unstrung Harp

    Lauky's last hike

    Just logged in after a very, very long time and I am so sorry to see this. :'( I always loved seeing your pics and reading of your adventures with this special creature. Sending you much love and gratitude on his behalf for the peaceful transition. Rest in peace, sweet Lauky.
  4. The Unstrung Harp

    Annual June Baxter trip/Hamlin & Baxter Peaks

    Ridiculous! Absolutely gorgeous. Looks a little different than it did in Winter. Can't WAIT to go back.
  5. The Unstrung Harp

    Norther Presi Loop - Our first trip to the Whites - not without complications!

    Love the boots pic and the glow pic!! Do come back on a sunnier day. :)
  6. The Unstrung Harp

    Night hiking?

    Good thread. I'd recommend bringing extra batteries or extra headlamp. Also a map, even if you are in a familiar area, since it is really easy to get confused in the dark. And post a million pics!!!
  7. The Unstrung Harp

    Getting after it in the PNW--Rainier, Adams, Sahale, and Eldorado

    Love the photos and report. A dream trip.
  8. The Unstrung Harp

    LOST HIKER IN Spaulding mountain area maine.

    It's like she slipped off the face of the planet. :-( Sending much love to Inchworm and her people.
  9. The Unstrung Harp

    Italy's Dolomites, Alta Via 2 Route

    Can't wait to hear about this trip, and to look at lots of photos! Living shamelessly-vicariously, big time..!
  10. The Unstrung Harp

    LOST HIKER IN Spaulding mountain area maine.

    Anxiously awaiting more news on this....
  11. The Unstrung Harp

    The Owl- Baxter State Park 8.28.13

    I love Owl! I rarely see anyone else up there. Fantastic peak.
  12. The Unstrung Harp

    Un supported AT thruhiker does half the trail in 30 days

    Don't let Lriz see this thread... ;)
  13. The Unstrung Harp

    A Perfect Summer Day In The Presidential Range

    Magnificent depth in the photos. Man. Wish I could figure out how to get that in my pics!! Just awesome, what skill!
  14. The Unstrung Harp

    Mt Adams & Mt Jefferson, 7/13/13, up Air Line, down Castle Trail

    Beautiful, blaze! I adore the Castle trails. Only been once, dying to get back. Chuckled at your comment about diapensia and black flies...those mountain gods are indeed ornery!
  15. The Unstrung Harp

    Opinions on Hiking Acadia

    I agree 100% with Tomcat. Those open summits on Sergent, Penobscot, and Pemetic are favorites of mine, and are truly unique, gorgeous areas. Went up Penobscot at sunrise once off season and saw deer bounding around up there! Truly a special moment. The crowds, in my experience, aren't bad...
  16. The Unstrung Harp

    Gothics East Face, South Face and North Face on 2013 June 15

    Wow. Awesome! Need to go back and re-read and re-look, looks like a wealth of info among great pics.
  17. The Unstrung Harp

    Bigelows Backpack - 6/15-6/16/13

    Gorgeous! Love me some Maine....
  18. The Unstrung Harp

    Don't forget the horizontal hikes: Bold Coast of Maine trip report

    Love Bold Coast! I need to return soon. Really cool about the water - thanks for sharing those details. Not sure I'd know where to find polyaluminum chloride, or trust myself to get the ratios correct, it it's still neat hearing about how you used it. Sorry if this is obvious, but how did...
  19. The Unstrung Harp

    A Fond Farewell To The Whites

    Aw, beautiful post. Love your relationship with your dog (s). Fare thee well, Ed and co.! The Whites will miss you, but they hope you'll come visit when you can...