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  1. Chachie

    Steripen UV Water Treatment

    People do seem to like the SteriPen. I have several friends who use/have used them with varying results. Problems I have seen occur: Dead batteries, failed treatment procedures w/ light off (possible operator error), operator confusion. If you can maintain power and fully understand how to...
  2. Chachie

    Winter Camping Revisited

    1. Osprey Exos 58 (60L±). This pack is designed to be lightweight and therefore lacks strength in certain parts of its construction. However, it has held up very well so far hauling heavier winter camping loads (liquid fuel, snowshoes, etc). Additionally, I use a Big Agnes 0° down bag (650...
  3. Chachie

    Conventional vs. rechargeable batteries for headlamps

    I started carrying a Nitecore NU25 as a back up a while ago. Slowly it is becoming my primary headlamp. Lightweight (0.99oz), water-resistant, holds a charge, lasts an overnight and then some (160 hours), high output (360 lumens). Rechanges an internal battery via micro(?) USB plug. Cost: $35
  4. Chachie

    Big Agnes / Ultralight Tent "Waterproofness"

    No leaks on my Copper Spur. Camped in all kinds of weather. Had it for 6 years.
  5. Chachie

    MSR Whisperlite Stove

    I'll second that. The Whisperlite Universal allows the user (by changing the jet and fuel adapter) to use an inverted iso-fuel canister. A stand is included to hold the canister inverted. This has proven very useful when I've run low on liquid fuel and others in my party had only canisters...
  6. Chachie

    Found: Fleece jacket on Mt. Crawford - 9/23

    Sunday, Sept. 23 Found a nice fleece hanging in a tree branch on the way up. It was still there 45min later on our way down, so we brought it home. cmarshall83 @ gmail
  7. Chachie

    Snowshoe Recommendation

    Another recommendation for MSR Lightning Ascents. Well built, lightweight, great traction, televators (almost cheating!). There's no slipping and sliding on the downhill with these. Snowshoes made for mountain travel.
  8. Chachie

    Top Ten Worst Small Towns in NH!

    Lousy? Why didn't they consider distance from metro areas and proximity to trailheads?
  9. Chachie

    Sleeping Pads

    Which Therm-a-rest pads were you using? Having owned a few Big Agnes pads I can't say I'd recommend them. They tend to lose air and I find them "slippery" (sliding off in the night is easy). BA should stick to tents and sleeping bag, IMO. I have found no better air-pad than a Therm-A-Rest...
  10. Chachie

    Public transportation to the trailhead

    I've used the Shuttle Connection (603-745-3140) in Lincoln several times. Cellphone service is required. There are other shuttle/taxi services in the Whites.
  11. Chachie


    Drones (much like the dogs mentioned in another post) are almost totally under the control and responsibility of their owner/operator. At least dogs belong in a peaceful outdoor setting. These drones seem to be ever creeping into the tranquil and quiet places that we, as hikers, seek out for...
  12. Chachie

    Found Device on the Jewel Trail (NH) - Mt. Washington

    I found a device on the Jewel Trail (NH) above the treeline on Saturday May 20, 2017. Please contact me by email with a description of the device and we can find a way to get it back to you. cmarshall83 at -Craig
  13. Chachie

    Hotel on Mt Washington??!!

    I AM buying/seeing this. Between the AMC, the State of New Hampshire and private parties (the Cog) Mt. Washington has been converted from NE's highest peak to a money making machine. Nothing like climbing to the top of what could be a place of monumental solitude and spectacular visions, to...
  14. Chachie


    Here is some advice from a recent first time (last tuesday): If you do get a DUPR, make sure to be at the Togue Pond Gate before it opens @ 6am. A long line was well established when we arrived @ 6:15am and it took until 7:00am before we passed the gatehouse and headed to Roaring Brook. I would...
  15. Chachie

    Found: Military Pouch, Penobscot Outdoor Center, Maine

    Hi neighbor! You left your cool military pouch when you headed out of the POC campground the other day. Only had but one thing in it. Tell me what it was and I'll get right back to you. Otherwise, I'll just hang onto it for you. Happy Trails. cmarshall83 @ gmail
  16. Chachie

    USFS removing Rocky Branch Shelter #2

    That shelter only needed a few repairs to the roof. In no way was it falling over. I was there last December and we thought about staying there on our second attempt at Isolation. It's a damn shame to see a historic building like these back country shelters destroyed.. Only to be replaced with...
  17. Chachie

    Mt Clinton Trail

    I too looked back up and thought "What trail?!" Then again, going downhill wasn't much better. I'd be very interested in lending a hand with some trail work on the MCT. Especially (and only), under the guidance of persons familiar with the rules and regulations regarding wilderness trail...
  18. Chachie

    Mt Clinton Trail

    Hell of a trail, ey DayTrip? I'm glad to hear you made it! You didn't happen to find my sunglasses that I lost on June 30th? I'd love to give anyone a hand cleaning that trail up. Yikes! Cheers.
  19. Chachie

    Owl's Head Day 3

    Wow! Great job Grey J! Congrats.
  20. Chachie

    Tips/Advice on first 2 day "trip"

    I'll second Dry River Campground. It's right where you want to be. Nothing to be afraid of. Hot showers. Whats not to like? It's even got trees for your hammock! Just don't book P6... that one's mine! Hah! Good luck.